Rainbow Dreadlocks, A Rainbow Wedding Dress, Fire-Breathers, Hula Hooping & Bubbles!!

Sentiero Photography

November 24, 2016


Can we all just stop for one second and INTERNALLY SCREAM over how frickin’ awesome this bride looks? Rainbow dreadlocks and a rainbow wedding dress!? I’m dead.

Chalaina (nickname, Rainbow Brite, because of course) and Chris were married in October in Portland. “The inspiration for our wedding was rainbows!”, said the bride. “We chose not to do many traditional things. We walked down the aisle together, because we are equal partners. Our officiant was wearing rainbow faerie wings and as she pronounced us life partners, waved her faerie wand around us. We also had performers who spun fire poi, hoops, and fire batons.”


“We were married in a beautiful gazebo at a Victorian mansion. We walked down a covered aisle into the gazebo together. Our officiant began the ceremony by thanking everyone who was there and those that were there in spirit. She then talked about the importance of the commitment and what marriage means today. She had us say our vows, and we then exchanged our rings.”


“In terms of decorations and DIY my aunt Barbara, cousin Olivia, and sister Amy all worked together to create absolutely beautiful centrepieces for all the tables. They also created the perfect guest book alternative which was origami stars made from paper with words of love and encouragement on them, written by our guests. They placed them in a lantern for us to open at a later date!”


Chalaina’s entire outfit came from Etsy. Her dress was made up of a corset by Helen Fedchak and a tutu made by TPF Faerie Wear. Her shoes were customised by Ellie Wren Wedding Shoes. Chris’ rainbow tie and cuff links came from Tie Up The Cure. “The corset maker I found was surprisingly inexpensive”, she explained, “but the quality was top notch. She did a great job! I purchased the tutu separately. My entire outfit only cost me $600. That’s cheaper than most wedding dresses, and I can wear mine at so many festivals to come!”


“The thing I loved most about our wedding was that we were able to have the day exactly how we always wanted. It was nice to have that freedom!”