Calling All DIY Enthusiasts & Budding Writers: Contributions for Rock n Roll Bride Magazine Needed!

Elvis & Priscilla Wedding Shoot

Producing a bi-monthly magazine is a dream come true, but I certainly can’t do it all by myself. As well as Shauna and Samantha (our designers) and Gareth, who organises all the more technical aspects (printing and distribution) we rely heavily on the awesome submissions we receive. Whether it be a real wedding, an idea for an article, a photo shoot or a DIY tutorial – we want to hear from you!

If you’ve always dreamt of seeing your words, images or a project you’ve created in print, this is your chance! Submitting a real wedding or photo shoot for the magazine is the same process as applying for the blog (just let me know when you send it if you are particularly interested in print). However applying to write or create a project specifically for the magazine can seem a little bit more daunting. It doesn’t have to be though!

Here’s what we’re looking for our contributors:

Someone who loves to write (or create DIY projects). You don’t have to have any experience or to have been published before, but if you’re submitting an article you do need to be able to write in a concise and coherent manner. If you are creating a DIY project it needs to be something unique, quirky and easy for our readers to recreate. One of the best ways to see your work published is to come up with an idea before you get in touch. Here are some more tips on how to get published.

Someone who has a unique perspective. Your article can be funny, a personal story, an opinion piece (although I’d shy away from rants!) or all of the above. What I really want to see is ideas and articles that I wouldn’t be able to come up with myself.

Someone that is passionate about alternative weddings. Being interested in weddings in general is one thing, but what we really need is contributors who have a unique perspective on wedding planning and are happy to share things that will help our readers plan their own big (or small!) days.

Elvis & Priscilla Wedding Shoot

Someone that really wants to help and share the things they’ve learned. This one is super important! Your number one priority with your article should be that it helps brides and grooms to plan their weddings. If you have a wedding business (maybe you’re a florist and you want to write about unique ideas for bouquets, or you’re a speech writer and you want to share some tips about how to pen a great wedding speech) then great. However don’t submit a piece where all you talk about is who you are and what you do. That’s what our advertising packages are for. First and foremost your article needs to be helpful and informative for our readers.

Someone that can meet deadlines and accept editorial feedback. You’ll be working (remotely, via email) directly with me and I’ll most likely send you feedback on whatever you submit. I may also choose to edit your piece so it fits our specific editorial guidelines (I’ll always run any changes by you first) and in some rare instances the piece may need to be dropped or completely reworked to be suitable. Don’t take it personally if something you submit isn’t quite right! Print deadlines can also creep up very quickly and are absolute so you may need to turn an article or project around quite quickly.

If you are creating a DIY project, then you will need to arrange for it to be photographed. The quality of the photographs is of the utmost importance (if you’ve seen the magazine I hope you’ll realise why!) While the images don’t necessarily have to photographed by a professional photographer, they do need to be at a high standard and supplied as 300 DPI, high res files in order for us to be able print them (snaps take on your phone most likely won’t make the cut). For writing-only contributions we are able to source the imagery ourselves.

Elvis & Priscilla Wedding Shoot

In exchange we will:

Include a short bio at the end of your piece where we can mention your website, social media handles and anything else you might specifically want promoted.

Mention and link to your website on when the issue goes on sale.

Currently we are unable to pay our contributors but I am happy to shout about what you do from the rooftops in exchange for articles. Just let me know what I can do to help!

Get in touch!

If you’d like to apply then please drop me an email and let me know a little bit about you, and of course your article or DIY project idea (bonus points if you can actually submit the finished thing). I’ll get back to you as soon as I can and I’m really looking forward to hearing from you!

Images taken from the Heartbreak Hotel editorial shoot featured inside issue 10. You can order a copy online right now or pick one up in WhSmiths, Sainsburys and selected local newsagents.



  1. Hannah

    Hi Kat

    I’m writing little columns as I go about planning an alternative wedding in the Big Smoke (aka London). They arent published yet, but thinking about setting up a blog. Would that be something you’d be interested in? Urban alternative? I could send you an example of one if you’d be interested?



  2. Dear Kat, I would absolutely love to get involve. We are always making new decorations, props, bars, signage etc.
    Take a look at the website and let me know your thoughts? I have a few projects I’m working on at the moment- the most exciting are new giant lanterns.
    I look forward to working with you!
    Kindest regards, Hayley

  3. Hi Kat,
    I live in south west of Ireland.
    I have set up my own cut flower business which I manage organically over the last couple of years after spending 20 years as a stay at home mom to my 7 kids.
    I write a column for a national farmers newspaper , magazine supplement regularly and have had articles in several magazines, I have a good stock of professional photographs available.
    I love doing wedding flowers and would love to write a piece for you, not sure if you are interested in receiving material from outside of UK, let me know if you are.



  4. Linda

    Dear Kat

    I’ve been in a long distance relationship for four years now (3920 miles- he’s in Alabama, USA, and I’m in Cookstown, Northern Ireland). I would love to share our experiences and our wedding planning for anyone out there who’s doing the same thing. We are getting married next year, providing the US Immigration all goes to plan. I’ve been thinking of blogging, like Hannah, as well. We’ll be doing as much for the wedding as we can ourselves to keep costs low, and also because I’m a big fan of crafts (I’m learning how to make my own flowers as we speak… or type!). Anyway, hope you have a wonderful week!

    Linda xo

  5. Beckie Morris

    oooh love this idea Kat! With me starting up a new alternative wedding business with my best friend and upcycling and creating lots of wedding pieces I would love to get involved!

    Is there a deadline in getting in touch or is it an ongoing feature? I’ve got a big fair this weekend so don’t have time to pop something Rock N Roll Bride worth together!

    Thanks Beckie x

  6. Do you link the blog and the magazine? Was thinking of submitting my Niece’s wedding for your blog. I’ve never been to such a personal, heartfelt, handcrafted wedding – so worth sharing! But, after reading this call for articles, I thought it might be fun to give more details (like how to create some of the projects yourself) in the magazine?

  7. I am getting on this bad boy! I have a business which prints retro, polaroid style pictures and have been putting together a wedding ideas list as they are so versatile. Keep an eye for me (I am

  8. Laura Sharp

    What a phenomenal opportunity! I will definitely see what I can put together in hopes it would be the right fit! 🙂

  9. Post author

    Suzy – what do you mean do we link? We obviously credit everyone involved by name but there are no links in the magazine because its print!

  10. Be happy to give it a try , I was elizabeth todd from London, but my daughter runs the business now.fro and we are well known for our alternative gowns, I live in India now but the business still runs from Chiltern st , we my.indian number is 0091921876471

  11. I meant the old fashioned use of ‘Link’ not ‘hyperlink’ 🙂
    Like relating stories in the blog to the magazine and vice-versa to encourage people to use both platforms. If a blog post is a summary of a person’s wedding – you could pull out a couple of ideas to do a feature in a future edition of the magazine such as more detail on a certain hairstyle, or craft etc. and then add a statement to say “if you like this look, check out our ‘x’ edition of the magazine…. “

  12. Catherine

    Amazing opportunity. Would you be interested in look books for brides/bridesmaids etc. like ideas for dress and accessories combos with specific items available in shops/online, particularly for brides on a budget…or do you have enough of that sort of thing?

  13. Veronica Gozzi

    Hi Kat. I am a translator and I was wondering if you would like to publish your Rock N Roll Bride magazine here in Italy.

  14. Jane Gardner

    Hi Kat I’m a professional journalist who recently got married (in fact you just featured our wedding – thanks!) – I’d be interested in writing pieces about the wedding industry from a feminist perspective. Challenging wedding cliches etc. Let me know if that sounds interesting

  15. Heather Lily

    Hi Kat.

    I love your magazine and I personally think you have a rocking sense of style (plus your hair is amazing).

    I would love to have a go at writing something, but I’ve not done anything like this before and I’m not sure what to write, but I would love to try!

  16. Sarah C

    Hi Kat,

    This sounds really cool! My partner and I are going to make our own wedding rings using recycled old family jewellery. If we get some good enough pictures I’ll drop you an email with a pitch.

    I love your magazine/website by the way. As a bride planning a city centre wedding under 4k I always come to you for inspiration.


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