Budget-Friendly Pub Wedding with the Bride in Blue

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April 16, 2017

Budget-Friendly Pub Wedding with the Bride in Blue (22)

Steph and Ted may have spent less than £6000 on their Newcastle wedding, but they had a fantastically fun day. Their main goal was for everyone to have a great time without spending a huge amount of money.

“My brother Rikki and his wife Alix inspired us”, Steph began. “They had an incredible wedding in London a few years ago. Their day showed us that you can have the most fun without spending tens of thousands. Ted and I didn’t want to look a certain way or try to be anything other than just us having fun like we have done for the past eight years. So we kind of used our memories of places, parties and festivals as inspiration too.”

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The bride’s beautiful blue, two-piece dress was made by The Bespoke Bridal Boutique in Kettering. “My two-piece blue wedding gown was really unique. Laura at Bespoke Bridal Boutique designed and made me a dress that fit my style, personality and budget perfectly. Having in independent designer make my perfect dress actually saved us money too. I tried on ‘normal’ wedding dresses and the ones that I thought were only alright were priced in excess of £2000! Wedding dress shopping was hell for me everything looked the same. All I could see was silk, nets and white and I never wear white so it was hard to like anything. I met with Laura to discuss options she literally knew what I wanted before I did. She is an alternative wedding dress hero and blew me away at every point during our journey. On our wedding day Laura sent me a drawn image of my dress framed and signed and it brought me to tears it was a really nice touch.”

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The reception was held at Nancy’s Bordello in Newcastle. “We hired a pub for our wedding reception rather than a big venue which saved us money”, she continued. “We wanted people to feel comfortable and at home during our wedding. Nancy’s Bordello also provided our food which was super gorgeous and per head it was a fraction of the price compared to some wedding venues. The service we got at Nancy’s was 5 star. Yez and his team went above and beyond to help make our day unforgettable.”

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“Glitter had to be a feature! I love glitter and I was set on having a glitter station for people to glitter up for the night do. I found a mirror that my Nanna had in her house when was a little girl. I decided to decorate it and make it the centre of my glitter station. Oh my goodness it was a huge hit! My mum was covered in it on the dance floor, it was just amazing.”

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“Musical instruments were also dotted around the reception. They included tambourines, a bugle and gogo bells! Music is everything to us and it features very heavily in our lives so we thought we would bring some of our random instruments that we have collected over the years to our big day. We also played “Dance the Parcel’ instead of doing a first dance and the winner won a bottle of Prosecco!”

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“The whole day was amazing – all of it! Seriously, it was mental, colourful and so fun. Seeing Ted face when I arrived at the ceremony was such a highlight. It’s crazy that I felt so nervous up until that point but seeing him made me totally relax.”

“Our advice to other couples would be to plan the wedding that you both want not the wedding that others want you to have. Be original, individual and try not to get sucked into the perfect Pinterest wedding. Pinterest is great for ideas but it’s easy to get lost in it.”

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