Running off to Las Vegas

Forged in the North

July 11, 2016

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When Benjamin and Georgina decided to marry, they didn’t want to wait. So they flew over to Las Vegas to do it on their own terms. “Benjamin is in a band so we don’t get very much time together, due to his touring schedule”, said Georgina. “So for us, being married was the most important thing.”

“Benjamin spent the nine weeks leading up to the wedding touring in Australia and the US, so not only were we apart, but on different time zones. At the end of his tour I flew out from London and he flew from Florida to both meet up in Vegas, which was the most romantic, crazy and surreal experience!”

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“We chose Vegas for the lights (I’m obsessed with neon, thanks to Baz Luhrman’s Romeo + Juliet, probably the greatest film of all time). It was somewhere we’d always wanted to experience, and we hadn’t even been on holiday abroad together before this trip, so the time leading up to the wedding day made for lots of insane memories.”

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They stayed at the Flamingo hotel and the ceremony was held at Cupid’s Chapel. “After the ceremony, we went straight to downtown Vegas to mark the day with little ghost tattoos; an in-joke because we first kissed in a club called the Haunt. We stopped for lunch at Eat (the best restaurant we found in the city) and ate veggie burgers bigger than our faces, before road tripping out to the desert to catch the sunset. It was a little colder than we had anticipated, so we kept warm in the car before dashing out to explore, squeezing through gaps in barb wire fences. It was all very silly and fun and we weren’t very good at posing seriously because we were laughing too much.”

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“After the sun had set we drove back to Freemont Street to take in the lights for the last time and danced to some country songs in the middle of the road, much to the amusement of passers-by. We drank delicious cocktails (I had a lavender martini, Benjamin had something involving a twig of blow-torched rosemary, which was hilarious) in a dark and glamorous bar, before slinking off without the photographers to have dinner together at Paris on the Vegas strip.”

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“My advice for other couples would be don’t wait!”, she concluded. “Don’t get caught up in the wedding madness. If you want to get married, just do it, even if it means running away somewhere. You’ll never regret it!”

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