Low-Pressure & Intimate Colourful Celebration

Cory Ryan Photography

June 5, 2016


Allison and Cameron’s colourful wedding took place in Austin in October. They wanted a simple, low-pressure day, with minimal stress. “Cameron and I honestly never wanted a wedding”, said the bride. “I get anxiety when I throw an event, and I am always worried if everyone else is having a good time that I forget to have a good time myself. However, since our mothers would never forgive us if we didn’t have one, we decided to do it our way. We wanted something low-stress and intimate, where we could mingle with all the guests and have a great time.”


The Sunday wedding was a morning and early afternoon event, meaning they served brunch and the whole thing was over by the evening. “Having a brunch wedding felt unique and alternative”, she explained. “Brunch may be the most popular meal in Austin, TX, and our wedding meal was no different. It was fun day drinking with our closest friends at a long family-style table. Our friends and family cheered us off on a ‘Just Married’ pedicab, and we took a brisk ride around downtown Austin taking it all it. After the reception we met up with some friends at our Airbnb across the street! Early in the evening Cam and I were able to split off and have a romantic dinner together and recall all of our favourite parts of the day! It was a really special moment.”


The couple’s budget was $10,000 and their best spend was on their wedding planner. “I wish I’d known earlier how valuable a wedding coordinator is! If it’s not in your budget, move some funds around to afford one. As soon as Heather was on board, my stress level went to zero and stayed that way.”


“We managed to save on my dress as my friend Emily is a seamstress and works at a local vintage shop. I was able to score it for $40 and she custom-made a slip for me for next to nothing. She also lent me her vintage wedges. We also saved money by having doughnuts instead of cake for dessert.”


“The best thing about our wedding was that we kept it simple”, she concluded. “We picked a beautifully decorated space, with the intention of not decorating anything ourselves. We chose to have the ceremony and reception in the same location to further simplify.”