Kitsch & Colourful Wedding with Scottish Influences

Lina and Tom

June 16, 2016

Kitsch & Colourful Scottish Wedding (57)

Kirsty and Michael’s wedding had lots of lovely kitsch details with a strong helping of Scottish heritage. “We wanted the day to be a big love affair of tartan and colour”, said the bride. “We started with the tartan and worked from there. Our house is full of retro finds and bits and bobs and we wanted our wedding to be the same. Our main aim was for our guests to have a brilliant fun day.”

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“I wanted to do as much DIY as I could, to save money and make it personal. I purchased each bridesmaid two necklaces. One to wear in its original state and one to dissect for parts. I used the bits to add to the shoes and hat bases. Using my trusty glue gun, obviously. I also made them each a hanger with their name on and I painted the invitations and programmes using watercolours.”

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“My mum and I collected all the bits for the décor and spent hours putting them together to create the centrepieces. My Mum was my right hand woman the whole away through. Our wonderful florist knew exactly what I wanted and added her own touch to make them incredible. I was so overwhelmed when I saw what she had done with the room.”

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“The large ‘K&M’ letters were kindly made by our wonderful friend Matthew. I painted them and filled them with paper flowers from Tiger. The light up props were all from Primark and I made the table plan using real biscuits. When choosing table names we decided on biscuits so we could have ones from Scotland, England and America. My Dads nickname is also ‘The Biscuit’!”

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One the the bride’s favourite details was their unique guest book. “I created colouring in sheets for our guests to colour and write on. In the evening we hung them in a gallery and gave a prize for the best one. I’ve put them all together in a book now and it’s so cute.”

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“The best part of the day was the ceremony”, she concluded, “it was so emotional. Our whole day was so special but if we could do just one bit again it would be the ceremony.”

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