I Love You to the Stars & Back: An Astronomy Wedding

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June 23, 2016

An Astronomy Wedding (37)

Brittany and Dale’s wedding was inspired by astronomy. The bride loves the stars and the night sky and she thought it would make a really romantic wedding theme. “We didn’t follow any wedding trends at all”, she said. “We love colour so we used it as much as possible and I wore a gold wedding dress!”

“One of my favourite moments was our ‘first look’. Dale broke down in full tears when he saw me. His reaction was priceless. When the flower girl Edie, saw him crying (my family were all sneaking a look at the first look) she ran to us with a Kleenex to save the day.”

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The ceremony was also very emotional. The bride walked down the aisle to a song she had sung and recorded in advance. “I had sung and recorded a song for Dale. He was so emotional during his vows that he could barely get through them an everyone was in tears. My grandfather said a number of prayers and readings at the ceremony too which is so special to me, because only two months later, we lost him tragically in a car accident. I will always remember it.”

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“My family is very musical and other musical moments included my older sister singing our first dance accompanied my father. My parents also sang a special tribute song to us during the dance party. On top of this, over dinner, my father performed a hilarious rap song he’d written just for us and my mom and sister’s performed a camp fire round written specifically for us which all the guests were given lyrics to and joined in.”

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“Our biggest expense was the venue, it is so beautiful and has so much old world charm and an amazing glass ceiling… We had to have it but it ate up so much of the budget. However I’m very lucky that one of my sister’s is wedding planner and also owns and entertainment company, and my other sister owns a stationery company, so I was well taken care of! We managed to save a lot of money through their contacts.”

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“They also helped us with all the homemade décor such as the little stars in our florals and the bottled stardust placecards. My sister Lynzie, gifted me a Day-of Coordinator and much of the décor, and my sister Kendall designed and printed the Invitation suite, menus and all paper products as her gift. My dad also helped a lot by doing all the sound and A/V. I know how fortunate we are with this and I’m so grateful. It was all hands on deck!”

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“My advice for other couples would be to be yourself”, she concluded. “There are no rules to planning a wedding. It should really reflect you as a couple. I didn’t care if anything matched. If Dale wanted to wear converse, then he could. If I wanted medieval chairs for the head table, then BAM. It was all about having fun, cerebrating our love, and sharing that with our friends and family. Also, prioritise. Make sure that you save room for the most important things and the other stuff will fall into place.”

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