Vintage Tour de France Themed Wedding

The Campbells

May 16, 2016

Vintage Tour de France wedding (55)

Isolde and Mark were married in Ireland in August. Their wedding had a vintage Tour de France theme! “We often cycle together and love driving through France”, explained the bride. “Our yearly holiday involves driving from London to Provence and camping where ever we can. We didn’t stick to the theme slavishly though – my dress wasn’t very french looking – just what suited me. I love red roses and didn’t want pastel flowers so we went with those instead.”

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“We really drew on our friends and families talent too”, she continued. “My dad made a giant fairground piece with a cycling theme (the ones you put your faces in for photos). He also designed the wedding favours which were lovely bottles of whiskey. My bridesmaids Lauren and Ursula are both designers so helped with any sewing and any creative things.”

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“We made the menus out of old French magazines and cut the table clothes ourselves. Mark’s little sister and my other bridesmaid sourced French soaps when she was on holiday in France. Our friends designed our invites, our family did flowers, my mum and dad did the cakes, the band was even someone I went to primary school with!”

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The biggest expense was their photographers, The Campbells. “Having good photography is SO worth it. We saved by having friends and family make things, particularly on the cakes! The best part of wedding planning was the cosy afternoons by the fire with a glass of wine and Pinterest. I used to study design so it was a great chance to practice my creative side again.”

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