Simple Yet Elegant Purple & Grey Wedding

Simple Yet Elegant Purple & Grey Wedding (24)

Amanda and Jake were married in January. “The theme of the wedding was simple and elegant”, explained the bride, “and our colours were purple and grey. The inspiration was based on the colours I love and just basically how I always pictured my dream wedding! I wanted it to be at night, to be romantic and for there to be lots of lights.”

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The ceremony was held at a local church. “The ceremony was beautiful!” Amanda continued. “One of the best moments was when Jake said ‘I do’ because he not only said it to me but also to my two little girls. That was really significant. My favourite parts of the wedding was hearing his vows, listening to the speeches from the people we love, and dancing with my friends and family.”

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“Our biggest expense was food because we had over a hundred people. Luckily we had amazing family members to help us out with that. We saved money by picking a venue that didn’t need a lot of decorating. The building is beautiful by itself that we didn’t need to purchase too many things.”

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“The best thing about planning my wedding was picking everything out to fit my personality”, she concluded. “From my dress to my hair to my accessories to my venue and decorations, it was all things that I picked and seemed like me and Jake. There is absolutely nothing I would have done differently. I loved every single second of the day and it couldn’t have gone any smoother!”

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  1. So elegant and simple! I really like the use of the purples throughout this entire wedding party. The way the colors flow together is lovely and natural.


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