Vintage Afternoon Tea Party Wedding

Maureen Du Preez

April 26, 2016


Their wedding was inspired by their love of cake and getting together with friends and family. Kerry and Lara wanted their day to be a laid back celebration so a vintage afternoon tea theme suited them perfectly.

“Our wedding had a vintage afternoon tea theme”, they explained. “We picked things that suited us. Being two brides, we both wanted to walk down the aisle so Kerry started it off in her own unique way recreating an 80s style catwalk to the original Clothes Show TV theme tune. Lara opted for her own style from the Dr Zhivago tune Lara’s Theme. We also both wrote our own vows to make it feel more personal.”


The couple met at a Zumba class, so that was their entertainment for the evening! “There was a real party feel to the evening with all the Zumba dancing, arm wrestling and chin ups”, they continued. “Even when things took a turn for the worse… There was a power failure across the whole village at 9pm for the rest of the evening! Everyone stayed calm as we gathered and lit tea lights. Our main concern was the lack of music, which was a key part to our evening celebrations. Kerry worked quickly to find a solution and one of the staff members offered to back their car up to the marquee entrance, once we found the right adaptor we were able to plug the iPod into the car stereo and breathe a sigh of relief. It boomed out of the car and we all started dancing on the gravel outside in true 90s rave style. It was hilarious!”


Lara wore a dress by by Yolan Cris and Kerry was in a self-designed suit which was made by a friend. “The best moment of the day was seeing each other for the first time”, Lara explained. “We couldn’t wait to see the outfits we’d been hiding from each other for a whole year!”


“The best thing about planning our wedding was when we realised we could tailor it to our liking rather than having to conform to a package”, they concluded. “Our wedding was unique and special to us. It really is OK to do what you want rather than trying to please everybody else because that way you can enjoy it and be yourselves. You don’t have to conform!”