Halloween and Music Themed Wedding at a Rock Club

Nathan Weyland Photography

April 4, 2016

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Tiffany and Josh’s November wedding was inspired by a mixture of Halloween and good old fashioned Rock n Roll! They were married at Bottom of the Hill, a club in San Francisco.

“The club was fully decked out in Halloween decorations”, said the bride. “We gave out sugar skulls and had a trick or treat station. We also embraced that fact that we got married at a rock venue. So we played a few songs, made everyone put on temporary tattoos and had our DJ play a carefully curated 70s power pop set list. We really wanted everyone to feel like they were going to a rock show. Our invitations were designed to look like old punk show flyers and we allowed people to start drinking right when they arrived.”

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“I worked really hard to add as many unique elements as I could. What comes to mind is the venue, the temporary tattoo favours, and the food (we went with a Hawaiian/Mexican fusion-sushi, papas fritas, saimin, tacos, etc…). However, the most important thing to us was performing original songs for our guests in lieu of our first dance.”

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The ceremony was held on the stage. “My best friend, Mike Sagun, officiated and he was honestly the man of the night”, Tiffany continued. “I’m still getting compliments on his ceremony. He included audience participation, a quick skit, jokes and tears. He was able to make the night even more special than we could have ever hoped for.”

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“I sincerely loved coming up with creative ways to make our wedding feel very personal. Nothing turns me off more about weddings than going to one where I feel like I could place any couple into that wedding and it would still work. I really wanted people to be able to say that the wedding was ‘so Tiffany and Josh!'”

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“My advice to other brides and grooms would be to touch up your visible tattoos!” she concluded. “That’s something you won’t read on a run-of-the-mill bridal advice blog! We got all of ours touched up about a month and a half before the wedding. Luckily, my tattoo artist (who has done all of my visible tattoos) mentioned this to me. It’s definitely not something I would have thought of, yet it makes a big difference!”

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