San Francisco Conservatory Wedding: Kelsey & Sean

Kien Lam

January 25, 2014


Kelsey and Sean’s beautiful Autumn wedding was held at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. They wanted their day to be simple and a reflection of who they are.

“We wanted our wedding to be simple and to be fun time for all of our family and friends,” wrote the bride. “Though a lot of time was spent on the planning and logistics, the most important part to us was that we would get to spend a great night with everyone we love and share with them the love we have for each other.”


“We did pretty much all of the planning and implementation ourselves. Even though it was stressful at times, I think it ended up making the whole day even more meaningful. We also worked with the most amazing vendors EVER. When you have a wedding you end up spending quite a bit of money, so it was important to us that the majority of our business went to local, independent businesses. Not only did they all do a great job, but they were such wonderful people to work with!”


They kept their ceremony short and wrote their own vows. One of their best friends got ordained to perform it for them which made it doubly meaningful. Kelsey also wore her mother’s wedding dress which she had redesigned and altered to fit her. “I had a very, very hard time finding a dress that I loved and that simply felt right”, she explained. “A couple of years ago I had tried on my mom’s wedding dress for fun and it fit perfectly. I put it on again and I absolutely loved the fabric, color and layers of the lace on the skirt. I don’t remember how the conversation came up with my mom, but we ended up deciding that I would have her dress altered and redesigned for me for my wedding day. Evelyne and Elinor of Eel and Ermine redesigned the dress it is beautiful.”


“It’s cliché, but do your best to truly experience the whole day”, Kelsey concluded. “Take a moment during the reception to really soak it in because it is over so fast. Leave for your honeymoon the next day (you’ll be so thankful you did). Ask your friends and family for help during the planning process – they probably want to be a part of this significant day anyway.”


“Value your friends and family who participated in the ceremony (you weren’t the only one standing up in front of a ton of people). Finally, try not to get too caught up in everyone’s expectations and everyone else’s opinions, whether it be about where you get married, what you’re wearing, or whether you’re going to take your partner’s name or not. None of that matters. Do what feels right for you. But you probably knew that already.”