Skin Deep: A Bridal Shoot for Everyone

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March 8, 2016

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If you’ve picked up a copy of issue 7, you will have seen the Skin Deep photo editorial that I partnered with Nova of the Nu Bride on. Today I wanted to share a few extra shots with you all that didn’t make the magazine spread (it turns out 8 pages just isn’t enough ha!)

The idea behind this shoot was simple, and it was sparked from an email that Nova received after an article she wrote for issue 4 about cultural representation in the wedding industry.

“As a woman of colour who loves weddings and all things pretty, the cover of [and your article inside] Rock n Roll Bride is just heart warming to see and it is encouraging. Of course, I want to see people that look like me in wedding magazines, and it is nice to see a blog and person I respect featured in the magazine. Kudos to Nova and Rock n Roll Bride. Keep up the good work!” – Heather

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I’ve always wanted to showcase different wedding inspiration to the mainstream on Rock n Roll Bride. Whether that be with the style of weddings or the people getting married. Rock n Roll Bride magazine was the first nationally available UK print magazine to feature a same sex wedding inside, and I’m pretty sure no other wedding magazine would ever publish a photo session with a bride rocking a beard!

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I strongly believe that the media has a responsibility to showcase people’s differences. This topic has been discussed a lot in recent months, what with the lack of black nominees at this year’s Oscars and the fashion industry beginning to use more non-white models on catwalks. But even before this desire for inclusion started rippling through the mainstream, Nova and I had discussed – at length! – how wedding media was completely dominated by imagery of white women.

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While being ostracised for choosing to have blue hair or body mods can in no way compare to being excluded because of the colour of your skin or your sexual orientation, we wanted to make a statement with this shoot that all women (and men!) no matter what their aesthetic preference, sexuality or race, all deserve to be represented in the magazines that they read.

Love is for everyone! We’re all beautiful and we all deserve to be seen for who we truly are.

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Have a nosey at the behind the scenes video where Nova interviews me a little bit about the concept behind the shoot too.

To see more photos from this photo shoot, be sure to pick up a copy of Rock n Roll Bride magazine on sale now! You can grab one in Wh Smiths, Sainburys, your local newsagent or order one online via our shop.