Intimate Family-Only Wedding at Harvard University

Madeline Barr Photography

February 16, 2016


Alison and John had a super intimate ceremony at Arnold Arboretum at Harvard University. The bride loves the 1940s so that was the jumping off point for her incredible outfit which a long black number with an open back from Fame and Partners. She made her own veil and got her bouquet from Trader Joe’s the morning of the wedding!


“When we started wedding planning, all we knew was that we wanted something small”, Alison said. “We had planned on eloping, but after I thought about it for a couple days I knew I wanted my family to be there.”


“Our ceremony was short and to the point. We had a wonderful Justice of the Peace, John Mayo, who presided and put together a ceremony that mentioned what was most important to us –  the history and meaning of the ring as a symbol, expression of intent, and our vows. My favourite moment of the whole day was saying out vows. There were no nerves and no hesitation. It just felt like saying I love you louder, in more words, in front of those we care about the most.”


“From the beginning, we also decided to keep our wedding a secret. We didn’t want it to become more than what we wanted it to be and thought if we kept it quiet, it would feel that more magical when the day came. Except for the few people who were there, only another handful knew we were getting married. I had to share with a few people at work, or how else would I go about dress shopping and planning without confiding in someone where I spend most of my day?! I am terrible at keeping secrets.”


“The best thing about our wedding was how spontaneous it was”, she concluded. “We put it all together in three months and it turned out exactly how we hoped!”