Wedding on the USS LST 393 Ship

Paige Gabert

January 13, 2016

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Chelsey and Ross were married on the USS LST 393 ship, which is now a veteran’s museum docked at on the Muskegon Lake waterfront in the heart of downtown Muskegon, Michigan. They couple, who started dating when they were 15, wanted their wedding to be classy, yet edgy, with a hint of retro and vintage styling.

“We originally planned for a New Year’s Eve wedding which is why our colours were black and gold”, the bride began. “When we decided against that date, opting instead to get married in August, we chose to keep the same colours but added champagne and light pink into the mix.”

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“I guess having our wedding on a ship made it pretty different to most!” laughed the bride. “I don’t know many people that have done that. We also had mini beach balls for everyone to throw up in the air when we walked down the aisle together, instead of confetti.”

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“The ceremony was VERY short. At our rehearsal our officiant wasn’t able to be there so we had no practice before the wedding. It was one of my best friend’s dads who was marrying us and he told us not to worry he had it all figured out. However after we said ‘I do’, Ross and I were walking down the aisle and we realised we’d never exchanged rings! We were like ‘OH NO!’ but Paige, our photographer, had the idea to take us to one side and do photos of us exchanging rings. It happened so fast that half the people didn’t even notice that we forgot.”

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The couple decided to forgo any DIY projects, in fact the didn’t want to decorate the venue much at all. “Other than some little candle holders that my mom and I stuck glitter to, we didn’t do any DIY projects. However we still took around a year to plan everything, we didn’t want to leave stuff to the last minute. My advice to other couples would be ‘don’t stress’! Someone said this to me early on… so I didn’t and it felt great!”

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