Festival Wedding in West Sussex

Samantha Wordie

January 16, 2016

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Geoff and Holly’s wedding was never going to be boring. They met at the Road Festival launch party and have gone to every festival together since. When it came to planning their West Sussex wedding they wanted to bring the thing that brought them together into the celebration.

“We were aiming for it to be relaxed and comfortable,” Holly said. “I loved looking at wedding blogs for ideas, and we were inspired by the countryside.”

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“The main thing that made our wedding unique was that we made every guest wear a headpiece of some sort. We also held a competition for 1st, 2nd and 3rd this completion got very heated. This is what we put in our invite ‘HAT ARE MANDATORY FOR ALL WEDDING ATTENDEES. As all of you know, Geoff and I are hat people and what better way to acknowledge us a couple than have all of our friends and loved ones wear the best, most outrageous hats they can find. As for the rest of the dress code, we are happy if you are happy. But out of respect for Geoff’s secret surprise, please don’t come naked’.”

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“The best bit of the day for us was doing our crazy pre-rehearsed wedding dance”, she continued. “We had previously been out for dinner with friends a few weeks before our wedding and had been asked if we were doing a first dance. Geoff made it very clear that this was not going to be happening and of course the word got around. This is exactly what we wanted as we didn’t want anyone to have any idea that we were planning a big surprise!”