A Dark, Woodland Fairytale Wedding

Lindsey Lyons Photography

January 15, 2016

dark, woodland fairytale wedding (27)

Both being incredibly artistic, Abigail and Davide wanted their winter wedding to reflect their love of art, folklore and history. They were married at The Williamsburg Winery, in Williamsburg, VA.

“We wanted to incorporate our taste in dark, whimsical fantasy with our love of history”, said the bride. “Also, nearly everything about our wedding was handmade and had our own little twist on it. The cake was inspired by my favourite author, Edgar Allan Poe, and the topper was a raven sculpted, cast and painted by our good friends from Dellamorte & Co.”

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“The addition of my parents’ fossil and antique collection, the handmade dress, our party favours, programs, menus – everything was our design and made by us! We of course needed help with the floral arrangements, catering, and rental furniture, but it was a wonderful merging of local artisans who understood our unique style.”

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The ceremony was more for their guests then them, as the couple were already officially married! “We actually eloped in the spring, so this wedding was more to repeat our vows in front of our families (his family came all the way from Italy!) We aren’t religious, so our ceremony was short and sweet, arranged by our wonderful friend and officiant, Michael Fawcett. He prepared a very sweet statement, and read an Apache love poem that Davide had selected. We exchanged rings, kissed, and that was it!”

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“Having to compromise on some of the things we really wanted to appease my mother was hard”, she explained. “Being sort of witchy and gothic, I really wanted everything to be black, haha! But I had to do a lot of compromising to appease her. There’s a battle no one wants to have! However the day was perfect in the end, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it now.”

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