Thursday Treats: Blogger Outreach, Dealing with Negativity & Drew Barrymore on Beauty

October 29, 2015

rocknrollbridemagazine issue 5 (13)

Did you catch the news this week? Rock n Roll Bride magazine issue 5 is now available for pre-order AND you can now subscribe if you like too! All the info can be found in Monday’s post. Hundreds of you have already done so, so if you’d like to guarantee you’ll get your mitts on a copy, reserve yours today!

Issue 5 isn’t in stores until November 10th but of course I’ve already been working on issue 6 for the past few weeks. It’s a crazy, never-ending treadmill but I love it. I never started this blog to turn it into a magazine and there is nothing more insane to me that it’s ended up that way. Gareth actually said to me this week, “Sometimes it really hits me that we have a magazine and it’s in shops and that’s really weird. How did that ever happen?” And I couldn’t agree more… I really have no idea!

Let’s see what else has been going on online this week shall we?

Weddings & Weddingy Things

Batgirl just made history with the comic book wedding of the title character’s BFF, a trans woman
♥ Utterly adorable Melbourne wedding
♥ This couple used their wedding day to promote random acts of kindness – adorable!
♥ Whimsical Lauren’s Hall wedding
♥ Alternative vintage forest wedding
♥ Iconic wedding at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs (WOW!)

Iconic wedding at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs

Cuckoo’s Nest West

Business Bites

♥ This sure-fire blogger outreach strategy will save your blog
♥ Dealing with negative feedback and 6 tips to overcome self-doubt
Thoughts on creativity
♥ The five words you need to hear when you feel like you’re not good enough
♥ How to use imagery to effectively market your business

Best of the Rest

♥ This made me chuckle – This instagram account transforms cities with paper cutouts
Garance Dore talks beauty with Drew Barrymore