Pink Hair & Platforms: A Non-Traditional Vegas Elopement

Deidra Wilson

September 12, 2015

pink hair las vegas elopement (22)

Phil and Donna wanted to get married completely on their own terms. They did literally nothing traditional. There was no guests, no cake, no flowers… not even a wedding dress. Donna wore an incredible “Yes Please!” outfit from Lazy Oaf with YRU shoes!

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“We met ten years ago at college”, said Donna. “We wanted a non-fussy, non traditional wedding but one which was very exciting and fun. We wanted to get married to each other but both had a bit of a fear of the typical white wedding, saying lines in front of loads of people and spending a lot of money on the event rather than focusing on ourselves. We also wanted to look like ourselves rather than wear typical wedding outfits which do’’t fit our personalities and that we can never wear again.”

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“We bought our clothes from our favourite high street and independent stores. Both outfits together cost less than £260! There wasn’t a theme either, we just wanted it to be colourful and fun – like us!”

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“Our favourite part of the wedding was exploring the downtown Arts District in Las Vegas with our photographer”, she continued. “We splashed out on our photographer as the photos needed to be perfect. We also wanted them to be fun to match our wedding and personalities, and we wanted them to be good to show our families at home.”

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“There was nothing we would have done differently, except maybe avoid a 10 hour flight over from the UK but unfortunately this isn’t possible when you want to do it Vegas style! Our advice to future brides and grooms is to be yourself and do what’s right for you – not what anyone else thinks you should do!”

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