Run Away with Me: A Neon Graveyard Elopement

Sam Arroyo

September 15, 2016


The perfect mixture of adventure and fun, Las Vegas was Yasmin and Leigh’s number one choice for their October wedding. They always wanted to get married abroad, and after seeing Las Vegas weddings featured on this very blog, they decided it was the perfect place for them.

“We kept our wedding a secret from our friends and only told our families one week before we flew out!” said the bride. “We stayed for a week at the Venetian. On our wedding day, our photographer met us in our room and took some getting ready photos, then we walked through the hotel and casino in our wedding outfits – so many people smiled and congratulated us, Vegas is so warm and friendly! Our ceremony was at the Neon Graveyard, where all the old neon signs are retired.”


Not being particularly comfortable in front of the camera, they wanted to find a photographer who would make them feel at ease. “We loved Sam Arroyo’s photos, particularly the ones she had taken in the desert and thought this would work perfectly in Vegas. She was our biggest expense as we flew her in from California, but she was worth every penny. After the ceremony we drove out to Red Rock Canyon for more photos. It was so peaceful and beautiful and I’ll always remember walking through the desert hand-in-hand with my husband. It was the perfect way to start our marriage.”


“The night ended with us going to see Suicide Silence and Korn at the House of Blues in an upgraded area right in front of the stage. Ordering pizza from our waitress whilst watching Korn in our VIP seats is one of my most favourite and surreal memories! So guess our first dance was to Suicide Silence… I’m not sure there are many newlyweds that can say that!”


“Everything came together really naturally for us. It definitely feels like getting married in Vegas was fate. We also spent way less than we would have on a big wedding back home. Eloping with just the two of us saved us so much money. We were able to have the best of everything, VIP at House of Blues, eat at the best restaurants, and do whatever we wanted without a mention of how much it would cost for a whole week. Yet we still came way under a traditional wedding budget.”


“We would encourage other couples to do their wedding the way they really want. So many of my friends are currently planning weddings, getting stressed and saying ‘I wish we’d done what you did!’ Don’t worry about what other people think and do what makes you happy!”