Breaking Vegas: Punk Rock Wedding at The Flamingo


September 21, 2015

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Kenzie and Jeremy had one goal for their August wedding – to break Vegas! “As soon as we got engaged we knew we didn’t want a typical wedding”, said the bride. “We didn’t want anything in a church, or anything really traditional. We also knew we didn’t want to have anything huge, and one way to eliminate a massive guest list is to make it a destination wedding.”

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“Our friends are some of the most amazing people on the planet and we wanted to be able to go somewhere where everyone could let loose and have a blast. So we decided to pick up and go to Vegas. It’s an amazing city where dreams can come true, and ours did. We wanted our wedding to be fun, light hearted, crazy, amazing. We were very honoured that Jeremy’s dad was there too. He hadn’t seen him for 20 years and he made it out to the wedding!”

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The couple and their guests all stayed at The Flamingo, the ceremony was outside in their gardens. “Our ceremony was quick”, she continued. “We did it under a cute garden gazebo. Jeremy cried a lot. We wrote our own vows and read them off of our phones, it was simple and adorable. We really only had such a formal ceremony to do one thing nice for the family.”

“Doing everything at the hotel was great actually and it saved us money. It was a flat rate for everything and they took care of it all. We only had 30 guests too of course which helped make it more affordable.”

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“Jeremy and I started our relationship by meeting when he tattooed me, so we figured we’d start our marriage the same way”, she continued. “We tattooed each other after the wedding, in our hotel room, to mark a new chapter in our lives. Which is something I’m guessing not a lot of people end up doing on their wedding day!”

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After the ceremony, they headed to Red Rock Canyon, just outside of the city, to do their photos. Then they went back to the hotel for their reception… which went on all night long! “After the reception we had hallway races in the hotel, where everyone took turns running up and down the hallway. Clothes came off, Jeremy busted his hand, people fell. Security came upstairs, realised there were half naked women, and allowed us to continue. We stopped traffic to shoot 50 pounds of confetti in the street, which was amazingly fun.”

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“Its hard to pick a favourite moment though because it was such a beautiful day. I liked seeing Jeremy get so emotional when I walked down the aisle. There’s something about a boy with tattoos and tears in his eyes looking at his bride that is really amazing. I liked dancing at my reception with all of my friends. Once all the stress is over and you can just relax and let loose. I also really loved when we finally ended up back in our room, Jeremy helped me out of my dress, and we just laid in bed and he called me his wife. That moment was so simple, it wasn’t planned, it wasn’t documented or posed, it was just so genuine and so special.”

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“I wish people would have warned me about how many last minute expenses pop up though”, she said. “The moment you think you have everything paid more, there are five more things that need to be done. Be prepared to spend more money than you plan on spending, don’t freak out about it, because its worth it. Also, it’s your wedding so forget what everyone else wants you to do, and do whatever the hell you want. You have one day and it goes by really fast, do exactly what YOU want.”

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“My advice to other couples is to just have fun”, she concluded. “This day is about marrying your best friend and that’s what should matter the most. Don’t get so caught up in the planning and making sure everything is perfect that you forget why you’re getting married in the first place. Do whatever you want, don’t be afraid of what people will think. Have some drinks, get a little naked, live your life with your spouse.”

Make sure you watch the video guys, it’s SO EPIC!