Sexy Boho Winery Wedding

Cat Mayer Studio

July 21, 2015

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Meg and Natasha met online. “Its our dirty little secret”, they laughed. “We are both super busy business women and were looking to find someone like-minded. Within a couple days of signing up we connected and then both ended our subscriptions. We both knew we had found our match.”

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They were married in Colorado at Two Rivers Winery & Château.” We are both well-travelled, we own a high-end salon, and wanted to do something non-traditional for our wedding”, they continued. “We really focused on having more of a celebration than a stuffy wedding.”

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“We wanted to create a day that was sexy  with a boho and fairytale flair. We picked non-traditional sexy attire, and asked our guests to wear all black. We included a Mediterranean menu, with our drink of choice being a tomato-infused beer. Our décor was flashes of bright peonies, whimsical twinkle-lights, and tons of candles which created a sexy and intimate room.”

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“My favourite part of the day was dancing to Gay Bar by Electric Six with my dear friend Sean”, said Natasha. “This was not preplanned and it was seamless and fantastic!”

“The best bit for me was when Natasha got down on one knee and made a speech to my daughter, Ruby, and then gave her a necklace signifying what she had just said to her”, Meg interjected. “It was simply amazing.”

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