Bohemian French Wedding Inspired by their Childhood

Blanc Coco Photographe

March 2, 2016


Elodie and Matt’s wedding was held at Le Couvent des Carmes, an old convent between Grenoble and Valence in French Alps. The day was themed around a mix of lots of different things from nature to childhood memories, and Rock n Roll to travel.


“We drew ideas from lots of things for our wedding”, the groom explained. “Vintage things, our childhoods, our bohemian lifestyle, and love of nature. We tried to make our wedding feel like us and we wanted to do a lot of things by ourselves. Elodie wore green heels, and I wore a deep red suit. Our transport was a yellow VW van like the one in our favourite movie, Little Miss Sunshine. At the reception we had gold dinosaurs, ferns and artichokes as decorations.”


“We did LOTS of DIY with the help of our wedding planners. We made the stationery, the signs, the banners, the photo booth, the seating chart, the ribbon wands, and all the décor!”


Their emotional ceremony was held outdoors. “I am a wedding videographer so I’ve attended lots of wedding ceremonies”, he continued, “so I knew what to expect. What I didn’t anticipate was just how emotional it would be when it was my own! We had a non-religious ceremony. The first time I attended one like that I knew it’s what I wanted to do for our wedding too. It was just so incredible and our friends and family said it was beautiful. Everyone was crying!”


“One of our other favourite moments was at dinner. Our bridesmaids and groomsmen had prepared videos with special messages from some friends who couldn’t be there. Elodie and her sister also made a film with a lot of images of her father, when he was alive. It was very emotional, but very cool.”


“At times, wedding planning was really hard”, he concluded, “what with the expenses adding up and extra stresses. It was a difficult two years, especially the last 6 months where we had so much to do! However all the crisis’ actually strengthened our love. As a wedding videographer I’m so glad we had hard times in the run up because now I can say to my clients ‘I’ve been there, don’t worry, it will all be OK!'”