Intimate Bath Brew House Wedding

Dot & Lucy Photography

July 6, 2015

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Hannah and Allan chose Bath Brew House for their wedding reception. After a small ceremony, with just their closet family and friends, they all walked to the pub for a meal together.

“There wasn’t an inspiration as such for our wedding, we’re quite impulsive and tend to do things on a whim”, began the bride. “Even though we’re in our 14th year together, and have been engaged for half of that time, we gave ourselves about six months to get it all planned. We didn’t have loads of time to think on stuff and it was actually great to just make decisions and get things booked.”

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“From the start we both agreed we didn’t want to spend a fortune either. We wanted the day we wanted – not what others wanted or would enjoy. At its most basic, our wedding was a registry office and a pub ‘do’. Allan was really firm with this ethos though thank goodness otherwise we could have ended up with unnecessary additions or a bigger wedding altogether. In total we spent around £8000.”

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“Our biggest costs were food and drink, and we mainly saved money through the fact that it was a very small wedding”, she explained. “We had just 30 people including us.  We also didn’t spend on formal wedding transport and I didn’t have a make-up artist. For our style of wedding these weren’t things that were really missed and they definitely helped save money.  We also didn’t have a huge traditional wedding venue which I think helped us to keep costs a bit lower too.”

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The bride wore a short David Fielden dress with an amazing feather skirt. “I bought my dress from Carina Baverstock Couture. I picked it because our wedding was small so I decided that I didn’t really want a big traditional dress. It just wouldn’t fit with the day. I was pretty blasé though and just thought if worst came to worst I’d nip to Topshop on the day and grab a white shift dress! I stumbled into Carina Baverstock’s shop by chance but it was amazing I went from having no prospects to having numerous. The service we received was fantastic too!”

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“There genuinely isn’t anything either of us would change about the day”, Hannah concluded. “We both had a fantastic time; it was exactly what we wanted and as sad as it sounds, we still sit and say that was a great day! Everyone that came had a great time so we couldn’t have ask for any more than that really.”

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