Thursday Treats: The Most Honest Interview Of My Life

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A few months ago I was invited to talk at the first Way Up North photography conference in Sweden. I’m travelling there in October to speak to a theatre of 500 wedding photographers and I am quite frankly bricking it! So when organisers Cole and Jakob asked if I had some time to do an interview with them to accompany the event, I thought, “Well, it can’t be scarier than doing the actual conference can it?” Erm… I might have been wrong.

OK so scary probably isn’t the right word… But as soon I started chatting to Cole and answering his incredibly thoughtful questions, I started to wonder why on earth I was revealing so much about myself so easily! This wasn’t the interview I was expecting. Usually people ask me the same kinds of questions about my business and blogging, but this got DEEP.

I’m actually pretty nervous to share this with you all because I talk about some things I never, ever thought I would so publicly, including going into my eating disorder and battle with depression. But I’m sharing it anyway in the hope that it might help someone. I certainly don’t have things ‘all figured out’ (does anybody?!) but I do think if I can go from such a painful shy, angry and sad person to someone who runs their own business, publishes their own magazine and travels the world talking about what they love, then bloody hell there’s definitely hope for those of you that might still be struggling. I hope you enjoy it.

You can listen to my interview here. It’s an hour long so you might want to grab a cuppa!

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  1. Beckie

    I’m listening to your interview now and its brilliant! Really insightful into your journey and seeing how much RRB means to you. You made a comment about Gareth being able to tell when you might start to get down and that’s something up until now I’ve not appreciated in my own boyfriend. So thank you for that, will try and appreciate that more from now on.

    Beckie x

  2. Lisa Phillips

    Hi Kat!
    I never comment on your blog, but I just listened to this pod cast. 🙂 Thanks for sharing it with us. It’s nice to learn more about you life. It make you sound more real and easier to relate to. Thanks for all your hard work, and never giving up to make Rock N Roll Bride more awesome every day!
    Never forget your 2,000+ friends&fans on the Rock N Roll Bride Group Page! Thanks for giving us a place to make more friends like us.
    Anyways… I usually read your posts directly through Facebook, so this will probably be my only comment specifically to a blog post, but I will chat with you more in the group page. I love ya!

  3. I listened to your interview the other day and thought it was really brave to speak about the things you did. Looking forward to seeing you speak at Way Up North too!

  4. Hi Kat,
    I was at one of your Ginger Pig blogging workshops in Brighton and then Photography Farm and have loved following your online journey ever since, learning all the time. I’ve just listened to your interview and wanted to stop by and tell you how inspired I am by it! I admire your courage and vulnerability to share so openly. Thank you for doing the amazing work that you do 🙂


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