Bridecrush with Ceremonia NYC

UNIQUE LAPIN Photography

June 6, 2015

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When I heard about brand new online indie bridal boutique, Ceremonia NYC, I was super excited! Their collection of exclusive dresses and accessories looks so damn good, and really different from the usual wedding dress fare. Their offerings are anything but traditional!

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“The bridal industry is really fun right now”, said photographer Sheena of UNIQUE LAPIN Photography. “There are so many new and unique styles emerging. Brides today have so many options both aesthetically and price-point-wise. Along with being inspired by decades past, we wanted to make sure we captured the new spirit of the rapidly changing bridal landscape with this shoot.”

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Boutique owners Keri and Shelby told me all about the inspiration behind the images. “The concept was to combine the playful spirit of the 80s with the ultra feminine vibe of the 60s”, they said. “When creating the moodboards, we referenced everything from vintage make up ads, to the empress from The Neverending Story to endless photos of Brigitte Bardot. When we teamed up with NYC wedding photographer UNIQUE LAPIN Photography, it truly was a match made in indie bridal heaven!”

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One of the coolest things about the shoot is the REAL letter from Sofia Coppola that they included as part of the stationery. “The letter from Sofia Coppola is 100% real!”, Keri continued excitedly. “When I was 16 I was obsessed with her and her clothing line, MILK FED. I was so inspired by her coolness that she wrote her a letter and she wrote back! That’s what that postcard is.”

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“With this shoot and our store we really just want to showcase bridal stuff that is out of the box, and could perhaps be an option for a bride that wanted to be creative and be unique.”

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