Thursday Treats: Throwing Rainbows

April 2, 2015

lets party

Totes obsessed with this glitter party banner by The Bannerie

I’ve been on a rainbow kick. I’ve actually been feeling a bit down in the dumps, which might just be because of my impending 31st birthday next week (WHAT?! How did I get so OLD?!) or it could be just one of those things… But either way, I’ve been tackling my blueness by throwing some rainbows at it!

I ordered myself a bunch of rainbow roses (OMG!) because why would you not?! Followed by this incredible rainbow sapphire ring from Etsy. Let’s face it, if rainbows don’t cure what ails me, I don’t know what will!

I hope you’re feeling all full of the joy of spring, and less of a grump-a-puss like me. I want to wish you a fabulous Thursday and an even more eggggscellent Easter weekend. I’ll see you on the flip side, megababe.

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