Thursday Treats: Birthday Treasure Hunts & Afternoon Tea in a Pink Palace

April 9, 2015

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Happy Thursday! This week was awesome, what with it being my birthday and all. I was well and truly spoilt by Gareth! On Tuesday I woke up at 7.30am and saw a card in a rainbow envelope by my side of the bed. Written inside was this lovely message (ha!) but also the first clue for a treasure hunt for me to find my present!!

I jumped out of bed and starting dozily wandering around the house finding clue after clue until I opened a unassuming brown box at the end of our bed (which had gone unnoticed for days, yeah we might need to tidy our bedroom a bit!) and inside was the leather jacket from Whistles that I’d not so subtly been harping on about for weeks! The boy did good.

We didn’t have any concrete plans for the day, but I knew I wanted to get out of the house otherwise I’d end up working! We decided to hop on the train to London where we went for afternoon tea at Sketch (the pink gallery room is even more amazing in real life!) followed by a meander though the daffodils in Green Park, a stop off to see the Queen at Buckingham Palace, a leisurely stroll down the Southbank and finally a sushi supper. The sun was shining and it was a perfect, perfect day!

Sketch pink gallery room Sketch pink gallery room1Sketch pink gallery room2

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I love you forever!