A Lego and Video Game Wedding for Nerds

Crystal Marie Sing Photography

April 27, 2015


Julie and Stephen met in a Bakery where Julie was working. They bonded over their mutual taste in music and video games and their dislike of cheese! “He’s the only other person I’ve ever met who doesn’t like cheese”, Julie chuckled, “that’s how we knew we were made for each other!”

They were married in July, in British Columbia, and had a wedding that reflected their mutual nerddom! “Our wedding had a nerdy, retro theme”, the bride continued. “We wanted it to reflect us and to not be traditional! We’re both big nerds, and love the video game Portal (and the 1950s environment it takes place in) so a lot of the décor was based on that.”


“We had a Companion Cube wedding cake that Stephen’s mum beautifully made and instead of a guestbook, guests signed vinyl records so we could frame and hang them on the wall later. Each table also had a vinyl record centrepiece, which I made. I created pixel versions of us for the invitations, and made table numbers out of Lego because we love those pixel-style
retro video games.”


The outdoor ceremony was held at Queen’s Park Rose Garden. “We had our dog, Milo, as our ring bearer. He didn’t actually carry the rings because who can really trust a dog to hold onto those! He was very well behaved but he did decide to frantically dig at the ground during our vows. Then he managed to escape out of his leash after the ceremony while we were getting photos done, and started sprinting in circles around the rose garden. He’s a big goof, but he made everyone laugh!”


“One of our best moments of the day was our ‘first look’ which we did before the ceremony. When I mentioned to Stephen that I wanted to do this, he was hesitant at first, but after I showed him pictures of other couples’ first looks, he was really into it. We’re so glad we did because it gave us a chance to have a moment in private first and made us less nervous during the ceremony, rather than to have our ‘first look’ from far away down the aisle. It was a wonderful moment that we’ll never forget.”


“Our biggest spend was our photographer but finding a good one was was especially important to us because we wanted great photos that we could look back on and relive the day through. Crystal and Daniella are super talented and did an amazing job capturing every moment, and we couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out. Worth every penny!”