Thursday Treats: The Blogcademy Online is Coming; Discount Codes and Free Videos for ALL!

January 22, 2015


Madeline Kate

In just one week’s time, The Blogcademy Online launches and I am beyond thrilled about it! For those of you that don’t know, The Blogcademy is the in-person blogging and business workshop that I’ve been hosting with my friends (and blogging superstars!) Gala Darling and Shauna Haider since 2012. We’ve taught nearly 1000 people on several continents since then and next week we are making the course available online for anyone who can’t, or doesn’t want to, attend a live event. It’s going to be an astronomically exciting day!

To get you warmed up, we’ve released three educational videos over the past three Thursdays and you can watch them all right now for absolutely dilly squat! My video, Ten Lessons All Bloggers Should Learn, went up two weeks ago, Gala’s on how to make your blog charismatic went live last week, and today Shauna’s on creating a blogging business plan (which is actually a preview of one of the segments in the course itself) is available for your viewing pleasure.

To watch the videos, simply zip over to, scroll down, log in using your Facebook account and click play!

If you’re interested in The Blogcademy Online, you should definitely sign up to our mailing list (put your name and email address in where it says “Get our top secret blogging resources” on the front page of our site) because everyone that does will receive a discount code to use on the course when it becomes available next week.

Woohoo, party time, excellent!

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Have a great weekend lovers!