Thursday Treats: Home Alone

December 11, 2014


Urban Safari

It’s been on a two week hiatus as I’ve been travelling so much over the past couple of weeks, but Thursday Treats is BACK with full force!

I got home early on Tuesday morning. My flight (Auckland-Sydney-Dubai-London – OUCH!) landed in Heathrow at 6am and I literally RAN to customs to be first in line to get through. It’s not that I just hate queuing, but because I had only a couple of hours until Gareth was hopping on a plane himself to go on a ski trip with my dad and sister!

We had just over an hour together when I got home. I lay in our bed as he packed around me and we chatted about all the silly things married couples chat about. I missed him SO MUCH during my jaunt down under and having to say goodbye again was totally sucky, but I am so grateful that we did at least get to see each other.

2015 resolution: less travel, more husband.

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With Love & Embers

Sales & Events

The Most Curious Wedding Fair is BACK! One of the coolest wedding fairs in the UK is hitting the road and will be in Norwich on February 8th and London on March 7th & 8th. Tickets cost between £2.50 and £15. They also have a gift ticket design available for Christmas presents and a special 20% discount off VIP passes. Nab yours today!

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