DIY Wedding in a Cow Shed: Debbie & Angelo


Debbie and Angelo picked an unusual venue for their September wedding – a cow shed! In fact when they visited the farm before they booked it, there was actually cows living in it!

“We were determined not to have a traditional reception venue or anything that resembled a package wedding”, said the bride. “We just wanted to fill our wedding with things we love. That includes Angelo’s batman socks and Star Wars cuff links, the James Bond themed Martini reception drinks, the Mariachi band, the homemade tea leaf bar, the tuk tuk to take us to our reception, the travel themed tables and the jam jar cups for every guest. All these are things that we love and remind us of some of the best times in our lives.”


“The reception venue was probably one of the most unique things about our wedding, certainly in terms of what our guests were used to. Before the wedding most of them didn’t know what to expect, and to be honest I think they all thought we were mad. But on the day they were all amazed at what we were able to do with a barn which, when we first visited it, had cows living in it!”


Most of the décor and accessories at the reception were made by Debbie and her friends and family. “The table plan was a map of the world and every table one of our favourite places”, she said. “This was made with a cork map, some left over wallpaper and luggage tags. Everyone had a homemade Kilner jar cup with their name on, I made 6 giant chalkboards and did all the writing on them. The table decorations were made by wrapping hessian around jam jars and the painting baked bean tins.”


“One of the best moments of the day for me was when my sister surprised us by singing the song she wrote for us”, she continued, “it was a really emotional moment and such a surprise. Hannah, our photographer, surprised us again by getting a copy of the song to put to our slideshow. Angelo said his favourite moment was seeing me walk up the aisle. I also loved seeing the looks on our guests faces when they saw the barn for the first time.”




  1. Dad

    I was very proud to have been part of my Daughters wedding and that includes fitting out the barn.

    Debbies vision was so good and this was certainly my favourite wedding of all time (even if I am a little bias)

  2. Shauna

    This wedding is so awesome! The bride looks gorgeous, the barn is so pretty, love the flowers and other details. Looks relaxed and fun. Love it!

  3. Absolutely loved this wedding! Arrived before the sun was up to set up and could only just make out straw & hay all over the floor…

    As the sun came up and the light cast over the totally unique surroundings, you could really see that this was going to be something special…

    Well done guys – excellent work!

  4. Sian

    Hey! Looks amazing! Wevare hoping to do the same this summer. Where did you get the lights from? We have quite a big shed to cover xx


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