Travel Themed Wedding Italy: Ale & Bauz

Happy Photography Studio

November 5, 2014


Ale and Bauz love to travel, so when it came to getting hitched coming up with a theme was easy. They were married in July in Verona, Italy. “Our love story started with a first kiss during the White Night (an all-night arts festival) in Verona”, wrote the bride. “Verona is our hometown but Bauz lived in Spain and he was just back in Italy for work. We had a long distance relationship for two years. After many letters, phone calls and flights, we finally decided to move in together. We lived in Milan for three years and now we live in Madrid. However we knew we wanted to go back to Verona to get married.”


“The theme for our wedding was born spontaneously: all the travel we had to do when we first got together!” she continued. “Travel is also a common passion that always played an important role in our lives. Also, the marriage proposal came during one of our trips, on a beach in Cuba. Because we don’t live in Verona we also planned the wedding from afar. There was a lot of travel involved there too! Having a cohesive theme helped us to create an harmonic event and simplify the decision-making process.”


“Most of the decorations were made with geographic maps that we bought in second-hand book shops,”, she explained. “For the ceremony venue we prepared paper hearts, fans, and cones for rice. For the reception we made origami paper flower centrepieces and table markers and origami paper placecard (hearts, airplanes and boats).”


“The hardest thing for us was getting everything from Spain to Italy without having to pay a lot in excess baggage. Luckily we have friends that travel between the two countries a lot too so everytime a friend came to visit us in Madrid we’d send them home with a bag of decorations!” she laughed.

“The most intense part of the wedding, emotionally talking, was without doubt the ceremony entrance with my father”, Ale concluded. “The moment I saw all my family and friends in the same place was very special. ”