Italian Fashion & Music Inspired Wedding: Zaira & Vinicio

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February 16, 2014

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Zaira and Vinicio’s wedding took place in Italy during September. The theme was fashion and music,  things they both love, and the atmosphere was laid back and fun. They kept thing casual with no dress code, live music playing constantly and the free-flowing alcohol!

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“Just be yourself”, Zaira advises future brides and grooms. “We loved the theme of our wedding because it was ‘us’! We wanted the day to be a combination of both our styles in everyday life.”

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The ceremony was held at ‘Salone dell’Arengo Complesso Broletto Novara’, a medieval architectural complex consists of four historic buildings in the city centre of Novara, and the reception was at ‘Tenuta Quelquid Cascina Calzavacca Terdobbiate‘, a venue in the heart of the Novara countryside.

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“We spent 15,000 euro on our wedding”, she continued, “and most of that went on our photographers, the catering and things for our guests. We saves lots of money on our clothes, by using our own car, making out own stationary and having friends do the music. My engagement ring was also bought this on eBay.”

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