Thursday Treats: Always the Bride, Never the Bridesmaid…

July 10, 2014

groovy love

Two very exciting things happened this week. On Wednesday my best friend from Uni came to stay. I haven’t seen her in SO LONG (like, a criminally long time) and it was bloody amazing to hang out. You know those friends who even if you don’t see each other for ages when you finally do it’s like no time has past? That’s exactly what it’s like with Carly. I’m so happy to have her in my life. We drank cocktails, went shopping, we played The Logo Board Game (nerd and proud!) … But the most exciting thing was that she asked me to be her bridesmaid!!  Can you believe I’ve never been one before? Ahh double excitement!

The other pretty awesome development of the week was that Rock n Roll Bride has been shortlisted as Best Wedding Blog at the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards! Now I don’t normally give two hoots about awards, but there’s something so extra special about being noted by such a huge publication. It’s a cheesy cliché but it really is an honour. If you could take five seconds out of your day to vote for me to win I will love you forever!

In other news, Gala and Shauna come to the UK for our next round of Blogcademy workshops NEXT TUESDAY! Ahh oh my goodness where is this year going?

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Until next week..!