Honeymoon Travel Guide: Camber Sands

Kat Williams

March 24, 2014

Camber Group -1

I’ve travelled to many a-far flung place over the past few years but I was really looking forward to last weekend’s trip down to Camber Sands. The reason being that I was going there with these beautiful creatures, and we hadn’t seen each other in FOREVER. It’s the things closest to home that are often the most special don’t you think?

First, up the house. I found The Warrens online after a fruitless search elsewhere for a place that was big enough for the whole group. It won out because it sleeps up to ten (in double beds or they can split them into singles, two per bedroom if need be) so it was perfect for our party of eight.

camber sands accomodation1 camber sands accomodation2 camber sands accomodation3

I was the first to arrive, wanting to get there early to avoid any weekend traffic. I walked in and this was the first thing I saw. I mean, how cute and English seaside is THAT?!

camber sands accomodation4

The stones in the fireplace were decorated by past groups that have stayed there. The fact that someone defaced the ‘Watts family’ one to say something a lot ruder really tickled me!

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Ronnie and Craig’s kids came down on the Sunday and I lead an arts and crafts session. HAHA so fun!

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The kitchen was huge and perfect for making our big group meals. On Saturday night I made fajitas for everyone (NOM!) and we all sat around the giant kitchen table devouring every last one!

camber sands accomodation6camber sands accomodation7

Two of the five bedrooms backed onto the garden – what a glorious place to wake up! The freak summeresque weather we had was also a welcome treat. It felt like we were somewhere much more tropical than the East Sussex coast for most of the weekend!

camber sands accomodation8 camber sands accomodation9 camber sands accomodation11

Beyond the fifth bedroom there was even a second self-contained studio apartment, complete with it’s own bathroom, living room and kitchenette.

camber sands accomodation12camber sands accomodation10 camber sands accomodation13

The best thing about the house was that it was a two minute walk from the beach. Pete even got up every morning and went for a run! When the sun shines like this, it really does make you realise how beautiful England can be.


What is that face?! It was a little blowy down on the sea front mind…


My fringe is being insane in this photo but I love it because I’m giving Chris the biggest squeeze.


Hanging out with a bunch of photographers means everything is a photo op.

CAMBER-13im with the band

I got in the sea and this is proof! I did actually pack my galaxy swimsuit but I think that was too much wishful thinking, it was bloody freezing.

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Emma, me, Ronnie and Sophie. Who on earth brings flower crowns to the seaside? We do!

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It’s good to know that if this whole blogging thing goes under there might be an opportunity for me to work at Kat’s Cafe. We ate chips here on the first day… they were pretty grim to be honest, but it was fun to visit and take photos nonetheless!

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Talk about a time warp. I love it!


Good old Craig stepped up to the plate and was master of the BBQ on Sunday afternoon. It was bloomin’ delicious too.

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Btriz Collection send me a GIANT box of confetti to play with so I thought this party would be the perfect opportunity. This might be my favourite photo of Emma ever!

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“Let’s throw it in each other’s faces and take photos! No, not gently like that, REALLY THROW IT!”


I nabbed these miniature crystal skull vodkas at Vancouver airport. You can buy them online here for just $8.99 each though (you’re welcome!) Those crazy sunglasses came from a random shop in Palm Springs and are the best $20 I’ve spent all year.

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I know this feature is supposed to be just about honeymoons, but if you’re looking for a place to go and stay for your hen do, or just with a group of friends for the weekend, then you need to check it out. It would TOTALLY work for a low-cost honeymoon too though.

Because we booked the house so last minute, it unbelievably cost us just £550 for the whole weekend (Friday to Monday). You can also book it from Monday to Friday. You can see their full price list on their website. Even at the most expensive high season rate, when you split it by ten people it’s a really affordable place to stay.

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Camber Sands you are so damn beautiful. You showed us a bloody good time. We’ll be back to visit you again soon. Promise.

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  1. so funny! we just thought the same at the beginning of this year (have been waiting almost three years for our honeymoon) and started our japan trip at the beginning of march (three weeks! pure bliss!!!) 🙂

    looks like we had a lot of similar experiences… and even ate the same eki-ben 😀

    fell deeply in love with the country and hope to go back one day as there’s still so much more to discover 🙂

  2. Sinead Murray

    Hi, im travelling to japan in 2 weeks and can hardly contain myself. I have throughly enjoyed your holiday photos, especially the food lol. The bit I was most worried about was the trains but after ready your blog , ive download the maps me app and I can already tell it’s going to be a big help. So just want to say thanks for all the useful info 😀. O and I absolutely adore your ombre skirt, im determined to obtain one lol

  3. Post author

    Hey Sinead, the trains really aren’t that tricky if you plan your route in advance and give yourself plenty of time the first few times. Dont be afraid to ask for help if you get stuck. The people are so lovely!

  4. Ann-Marie Lodge

    On our honeymoon in Japan right now and have loved following your Instagram posts along the way! We seem to be just a week behind of lots of the things you’ve been doing, in Kyoto this week after our first week in Tokyo. We will be returning to Tokyo next week to end our trip, not before a quick trip Hiroshima and Mt Fuji, we’ve loved every minute of it!! The perfect honeymoon destination. Xx

  5. Joanne

    I love love love Japan. Like Kat said the people are so friendly. I thought they may be wary of me with my pink hair and tattoos but no they were fascinated and so happy to help. I was just in a train station and looking at the board when someone came up straight away. Can I help you. I loved the people. Japan is a wonderful mix of brash neon lights, with sounds of trucks going by with the latest Japanese pop to tranquil gardens and parks with pagodas and shrines. I can’t recommend Japan too much. Kat I loved all your tips and info x x

  6. fran

    We are looking into having our honeymoon in Japan, as is my long-life dream to go there! This guide is so useful, thankssss 🙂

  7. Laura

    Thanks so much for this Kat.
    We’re going to be boomeing our honeymoon for next spring in Japan so these tips are super helpful!

  8. Oh my! This looks incredible, a great post to read to help cure my burning wanderlust as I sit in the office on a Wednesday evening!! Japan is high on my bucket list, I’ll be sure to take a few notes before my trip there hopefully in the next few years 🙂 Lisa x

  9. Cassie

    Hi Kat, this is such a great guide. I’m off to Japan in 6 weeks for 2 months of travel and you’ve answered so many of those little questions I had about travelling and ordering food. Your pictures are lovely too – you’ve inspired me to get going with the photo booths too. 🙂 Thank you so much!

  10. Brilliant info Kat – thanks!!

    We’re looking to book our Japan honeymoon soon, but the thing I’m struggling with is whether to book through a travel agency or book everything separately ourselves. Booking ourselves works out cheaper, but I’m a little concerned about not having anyone ‘on the ground’ to help us when we’re out there!


  11. Ali

    Love it! We went to Japan in Nov 2014 and dos Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka, Koyasan and Mt Fuji so quite a similar route! We’re planning on going back for our honeymoon. This time a a good week in Tokyo and some time in Okinawa hopefully. We can’t wait.

  12. Great photographs, they really bring Japan to life. They are so vibrant and colourful. I so want to follow in your footsteps and head there. One day, I hope!

  13. Post author

    I booked everything separately and it was totally fine. All the hotel staff spoke great english and we didnt have any troubles at all!

  14. Wow Kat!! It was so lovely reading this post! I’ve lived in Japan for years and all the information and photos you shared will be sooooo useful to someone who has never visited before. I’m so thrilled you had a wonderful experience soaking in the romance of Japanese Spring time. Next time you visit, you should definitely try during the summer when there are thousands of colourful and crazy festivals across the country(even though the humidity is INSANE). Or visit the southern most parts of the country (places like Yakushima/Kagoshima) where you’ll find yourself trying to create new words to describe the beauty of nature. it was so lovely to reminise about my time there looking at your photos on Instagram You were very kawaii(cute)! xx

  15. Helen

    I love this so useful. I have 3 children and planning trip to Japan as family of 5 next year. Did you come across any families from England with small children ?

  16. Kathy

    I found the Hyperdia website to be invaluable when planning train journeys. Like you we didn’t get wifi for the phones and relied on the hotels (most of which have free wifi, even the backpackers we stayed in in Jimbocho). Just takes a bit of forward planning – before you leave the hotel work out where you’re going and plug it into the website. Get your results and take a screenshot of it, then you use that to navigate the beautifully colour coded underground.


    We also used Suica cards (like Oyster cards) to get around most of the time. Very easy to recharge at the train stations and the staff at the stations seemed very used to tourists not having enough money on the cards.

    So pleased to find someone else who loves the ticket machines! I think it’s a brilliant thing, and not quite knowing what you’re getting is half the fun. Would love to work out a way to quit my day job and bring these across to Australia. It’s fantastic.

  17. Pamela

    We went to Japan last year for holidays, it is the most amazing place! My boyfriend proposed at Mount Fuji, most amazing day of my life, can’t wait to go back, would recommend it a million times over 🙂

  18. Risa

    Loved following along on your journey! Those Gudetama and Mameshiba videos mentioned on Insta are sooo great

  19. Japan in AMAZING! We did a very similar route to you guys but also went to Nikko for a night which is a national park and stayed on Naoshima Island for a night which I would highly recommend

    One thing to note for anyone reading… You have to buy the raik pass BEFORE you travel, it’s only available to tourists and you can’t buy them once you’re in Japan… As we found out too late! Luckily we worked it out with my friends family in the end. You’ll probably say that in another post but just in case 😊

  20. Hey!!!!! I’m traveling around Japan now and right now staying in Ryokan up in the mountains near the snow monkeys. Amazing experience. I completely agree with everything you said in your article. One of the thing I could add to that Japanese people are terrible in giving directions.xx

  21. Sammy

    There are a few things I would like to correct.

    Tipping is not considered to be rude, it’s simply not done. But no one will think oh this rude foreigner.

    In addition, the railpass is extremely useful but the taking two trips advice can be a big misleading. I’ve used Shinkansen were a one way trip was only about 3000 yen… The JR pass would have been overkill!

    Last: Streetfood os actually not that plentiful… Osaka + Fukuoka and some festival/tourist attractions are the exceptions. But compared to like Thailand and Taiwan? Very scarce.

    But I’m glad you had a great time, Japan is a beautiful country

  22. Suzanne

    Thanks so much for all the amazing info! My husband and I fly from UK to Tokyo next Wednesday and will travel round for 3 weeks. Your instagram and this post have been making me even more excited.
    I am worrying a little bit about our luggage size though, having read various posts that you really must travel light. But I noticed your luggage is not tiny as some would suggest. Do you mind if I ask what size your luggage was? And if you found a big bag to be a problem? I want to make sure I have plenty of space for all the amazing things we will inevitably buy while we’re there. Thanks! xx

  23. Post author

    Suzanne – haha I never travel light! It was a bit of a pain in the arse on the subway as a lot of them just have stairs, not escalators, but Gareth very kindly carried it up and down them for me. There are services you can use where you can send you luggage ahead of you when you travel if you’re worried though!

  24. Claire

    This is fantastic, thank you Kat! We can’t afford Japan for our honeymoon (it’s our dream destination), so we’re heading to Scotland for our ‘mini’-moon in June then saving the pennies to hopefully get there in a year or 2 and I’m sure your great tips will come in handy! Glad you had a wonderful time x

  25. Saxyrunner

    This is so perfect! We are honeymooning to Tokyo and Kyoto in June, and I’m so dang excited! Thanks for this informative post.

  26. Jess


    We’re going on our honeymoon to Japan in November. My partner has been before, but I haven’t so I’m beyond excited. Having trouble finding places to stay though. We’re going for three weeks and don’t want to blow all our cash on accommodation. Some nice places will be stayed at, but for the most part we’re trying to stick to around $125AUD per night….not sure how we’re going to accomplish that!


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