The Blogcademy Live from Palm Springs… Right Now!

the blogcademy live

I’ve been harping on about it for weeks and it’s finally here! Join me and my fellow Blogcademy headmistresses at our Palm Springs party-pad where we’ll be answering your questions on blogging and running your own business – LIVE!

To join in the fun simply click play on the video below.

To watch a recording of the livestream, simply click play on the video below!

I’ll see you there!



  1. Abigail

    love this, no nonsense and totally honest. favourite bit was the whole “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” theory for business and toooo jealous of the sunshine, love xo

  2. Bethan

    Love it! So much good advice, and as somebody only just dipping a toe in the world of blogging (launched last week!) so appreciated!


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