The Blogcademy Down Under: Auckland

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December 7, 2013

Auckland Blogcademy Candids 062

You might think that teaching three workshops in three weeks would be enough, but not for The Blogcademy! In between our two Melbourne classes, Gala, Shauna and I flew to New Zealand for our final location of the year. Our venue was Generator, a super rad event space in downtown Auckland.

Having mini films of each city on this trip made was so awesome. I’ve loved reliving these moments since!

This might have been one of the smiliest classes so far…

Auckland Blogcademy Candids 010Auckland Blogcademy Class 048Auckland Blogcademy Candids 021Auckland Blogcademy Candids 059Auckland Blogcademy Candids 087

…and the best dressed!

Auckland Blogcademy Candids 061 Auckland Blogcademy Class 015 Auckland Blogcademy Class 061

“I read numerous comments stating ‘you can find everything you want to know about blogging/monetizing by simply googling it, or you can just ask fellow bloggers, as some have been doing this for ages’. The truth is, I’ve done a tonne of research on all these things (all the not-so-basic blogging questions), and have been blogging for years myself, and I’ve never found the information I needed (not the super-important stuff anyway) from Google or from just asking around … At Blogcademy all your questions are answered, and nothing is taboo – this for me was golden!! I guess what I’m saying here is if you are thinking about attending Blogcademy and are told that you can just get that info anywhere – my personal opinion is that you can’t and the wisdom I gained, made Blogcademy totally worth attending!” – Angie Fredatovich

Gala’s parents even flew up from Wellington to join in the fun. I loved meeting them so much and can’t wait to hang out with them again when we go back next year!

Auckland Blogcademy Candids 074

The great thing about our venue this time around was that we had two separate rooms to use. The first was our teaching space. I loved the distressed walls, astro turf carpet and giant windows.

Auckland Blogcademy Class 037 Auckland Blogcademy Details 057

The second was our chill out and break room. We had the photo booth in here and a fully stocked bar!

Auckland Blogcademy Candids 085 Auckland Blogcademy Candids 090 Auckland Blogcademy Candids 091

“By the end of day one, it was absolutely clear that The Blogcademy was an absolute game changer for me. After spending most of my evening going over my notes, scribbling ideas and drafting new posts (the general lack of sleep by the Blogcadettes is testament to how inspired we all were, sleeping simply wasn’t on the agenda that night). 

Day two I was confident, in the front row, asking questions, squeezing every last drop out of this incredible experience. The most magnificent thing about the Blogcademy is the headmistresses themselves. I know I wasn’t the only one that got one on one time with all three of these wondrous babes. Everything they had to say was supremely positive and oodles of actionable advice.” Sara Satterthwaite

The design for the tote bags was based on a traditional maori mask (yes, I’m still wearing my Junk Jewels bracelet from the London goodie bags!)

Auckland Blogcademy Details 011

We were so lucky to have an amazing décor sponsor this time around. The space was decorated by Josie of Wink. She made us custom banners, straws and even props for the photo booth!

Auckland Blogcademy Candids 003 Auckland Blogcademy Candids 016 Auckland Blogcademy Details 012 Auckland Blogcademy Details 014

Inside the bags was a bundle of lovely treats. Love Ideas Ink created these cute greetings cards.

Auckland Blogcademy Details 050

Bec of Clouds of Colour not only attended the class, but made these adorable art prints for everyone too!

Auckland Blogcademy Details 045 Auckland Blogcademy Details 053

The Native Creative wooden fantail brooches were super popular with those Kewi bloggers.

Auckland Blogcademy Details 049

Notes were scribbled in Noodles Toodles notebooks ferociously all weekend long!

Auckland Blogcademy Details 047

Everyone adored their concrete crystal necklaces from Cocorrina. I got a lilac one and I’ve been wearing it so much since.

Auckland Blogcademy Details 035 Auckland Blogcademy Details 037

Obviously there were Crown and Glory ears as well (where would we be without them?!)

Auckland Blogcademy Details 030Auckland Blogcademy Candids 053

Everyone knows that bloggers love a photo booth so we were thrilled that The Amazing Travelling Photo Booth agreed to come along to entertain us all.

Auckland Blogcademy Candids 019 Auckland Blogcademy Candids 083Auckland Blogcademy Candids 026 Auckland Blogcademy Details 028

Yay Auckland. What a gorgeous bunch you are!

Auckland Blogcademy Groups 002

So that’s it! All the 2013 workshops are done, dusted and blogged about. Can you believe it?

If you’re kicking yourself to have missed out, don’t fret, we’re doing it all over again next year. Head over to The Blogcademy site to see if we’re heading to a city near you!