Mermaids and Rock n Roll By the Sea: Winona & Dave

Ryan MacDonald Photography

December 15, 2013

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Winona and Dave were married on a friend’s property in Maple Bay, on Vancouver Island. This venue really set the tone of their day, with personal touches throughout.  The overall theme was a 1950s rockabilly seaside with pops of nautical, mermaids and Rock n Roll!

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“We decided to have our wedding on Vancouver Island which is drive and then 2 hour ferry ride, from where we live in Vancouver”, explained the bride. “Although this meant many trips in the months leading up to the wedding with a packed car, its where I grew up. It’s where my parents still live in their geodesic dome is still one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. It’s also where my husband and I would like to eventually move to when we have a family of own.”

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“We unfortunately missed the last boat to the island 3 nights before the wedding and had to push our schedule back by a good half a day”, she continued. “Dave was amazing though. When problems came up or things were behind schedule and many of our helpers had been lost to the pre-wedding party he was right by my side, focused, doing everything he could to make the day come together. I know heading into our life together he will be my rock, my rock star, my partner in crime, he will be by my side when things get tough and there to cheers me when we finally get through it!”

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This wedding was full of DIY details including the mermaid and rock star flimo cake topper (“relatively easy if you’re a bit artsy), the record placemats and the bouquets. “The records were one of my favorite DIYs” Winona said. “They were very simple but looked stunning. We picked eight photos of us as that we loved, made them black and white and printed them onto sheets of CD label stickers. We cleaned the thrift store records we’d collected and then just stuck the CD labels onto the centers of them. Each table had eight different photos, we wrote guests names on the records with a metallic teal pen so they doubled as their place tag and guests could take them home as wedding souvenirs.”

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“We made our own wedding wine at a local You Brew months before the wedding. We DIYed our own wine labels and had them printed onto stickers at a local print shop. This saved us money and we had lots of extra wine that made beautiful gifts for our wedding party and families. With help from a friend I also made the men’s corsages using flowers and greens from the garden with buttons with anchors I’d collected.”

“My favorite part of the wedding was seeing it all come together as we’d envisioned”, the bride concluded. “After months of planning, organizing and DIYing it was a great feeling.”

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