Cosy Alternative Restaurant Wedding: Sandra & Kristijonas


Sandra and Kristijonas were married in Lithuania, at Jalta, an alternative restaurant in Vilnius. From the outside it looks like a wooden house, they serve food made from locally sourced ingredients and they have a DJ in a greenhouse (which is actually where they had their ceremony!) The tree-lined terrace garden was the perfect setting for their laid back and cosy reception.


“We didn’t want to copy a wedding theme so just picked things we liked”, wrote the bride. “Our wedding cakes were baked by a close friend and instead of champage we served Cuba Libre cocktails in small jars. Also, instead of traditional gifts all our our friends gave us vinyls which were played in the evening, after the band!”


The wedding was full of DIY and personal touches and so cost them just $5000. “We have tried to be realistic with the budget and we wanted it to be affordable”, she continued. “We started planning in advance and this allowed us to find the best deals. We also had friends and family to help us out. Our advice to other couples planning budget weddings would be to decide what do you really want yourselves and try to make it a celebration. A beautiful day does not necessarily has to be an expensive day.”




  1. With all the wedding blogs I read I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Lithuanian wedding! I dig their understated, low-key aesthetic a lot.

  2. Vaida

    Love the details in this one! The couple really made the wedding their own, seemingly without stressing themselves out. The earthy autumn color scheme really adds to the relaxed, cosy feel. And the pictures really captured the atmosphere — love the candid shots.


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