Intimate Steampunk Wedding in Lithuania

Goodlife Photography

March 29, 2019

Their wedding was inspired by their own style, steampunk and a touch of Alice in Wonderland. Greta and Donatas were married at the registry office in Vilnius, Lithuania. “Our wedding theme was simply our own fantasy world with steampunk and Alice from wonderland accents. We were inspired by our casual lifestyle. We wore the kind of clothes that we’d wear every day!”

They kept things super small, with a registry office ceremony and nothing more. The bride made her own outfit and in total they spent just €2000. They rode their own bikes to the ceremony too. “The thing that made our wedding unique was its simplicity”, she said. “We didn’t prepare much so we didn’t stress at all. We didn’t spent much money and we just let it flow. All we knew in advance was the time when we need to turn up to sign our wedding papers! Everything else was impromptu. The best bit of the day was that moment when we heard ‘Now you are husband and wife’. I just felt that I flew up into the sky and I still feel like I’m flying now.”

“Our advice for other couples would be to not think too much, it’s just a one day in your whole life with that person. We decided to get married not because we needed a big party, we got married because we wanted to be married. Nothing more. The big white princess dress, the entertainment, none of that mattered. Nothing about our wedding was standard because we are not a standard couple.”

“I would also just like to say thank you to everybody who came to celebrate with us and thanks to our mums that bore us and gave us the chance to meet each other!”