Thursday Treats: Madness!

October 17, 2013


Photography: Shell de Mar
I get to see these weirdos in just 8 more sleeps… in AUSTRALIA! 

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock (or er… you just haven’t been online) you probably won’t have failed to notice that we launched The Blogcademy 2014 world tour on Monday. Oh my goodness what a reaction!

The interwebz (at least from where I was standing) got all a-fluster with excitement about the new cities and countries (!) that we’ll be taking the turquoise tornado next year, AS DID WE. The London class is already two thirds sold, with many of the other cities coming up fast behind it. So I guess if you want to sign up, you better do so sooner rather than later. We’ve even had two former Blogcadettes sign up again because they loved it so much the first time around. Now that’s commitment.

2014 is gonna rule. Period.

Weddings & Weddingy Things

Intimate Swiss wedding
Homemade steampunk wedding
Sedona elopement 
Geeky Brooklyn wedding
♥ Check out this bride’s ‘veil hat’. Amazing!

featherlove-wedding-ace hotel

Photography: Feather Love

Brooklyn Garden wedding
Halloween masquerade wedding
Indie Portland wedding 
Omaha barn wedding
♥ How would you fancy a wedding dress made of j-cloths or maybe bubble wrap!?

Dumpster Bubblewrap

Sales & Events

♥ I’ll be at the One Love Wedding Show this weekend selling my headpieces with Crown and Glory and copies of my magazine. If you’re there make sure you come and say hi (I promise I don’t bite…much).

Best of the Rest

Non-Americans on American norms that they find weird (you all know that I love the US but this is all so true!)
Adventures of a serial trespasser
♥ How to travel alone without ruining your marriage
A women’s magazine with a ‘no Photoshop’ policy has launched

How do that do that?! Creative lip syncing video made up of 4000 portraits

Ahh you’ve gotta love a cute proposal caught on camera!


  1. Hen

    Interesting article about the bride wearing her mum’s/grandma’s dress- I’ll be wearing my mum’s dress when I get married in August. It’s a bargain at the cost of a dry clean, really nice to have that continuity, and amazing how it fits perfectly, too. My mum had it tailor made in Eastern Germany in the 70s. And no, it doesn’t look like Kate’s 😉
    There is something nice about having your own dress as well, so for the evening I’ve bought a 1930s dress (a flea market find). I have to say, having read a number of your recent articles I am mighty glad I never even set foot in a bridal boutique.
    Anyone else wearing their mum’s dress? (or their nan’s?)

  2. i really love the bride in her mum and grandmas dress… i wish i could be as tiny as my mum AND grandma on my wedding day so i could wear either of their dresses, but i was blessed with curves hahaha!

    i also loved seeing the owl and the pussycat themed ideas… so cute!


  3. keeley

    well . . .i cant decide which is my fave part of this post… oh yes i can!! who knew a song with the words ‘even if i farted and followed’ through in could be so lovely?!?! haha and im not wearing my nannas dress! as much as i wouldve loved to as it was stuning, and similar to kates actually, but i am wearing a £75 vintage one form the 30’s and i cannot wait. bridal boutiques werent for me either! 😉 ahhh i think you deserve to have an award on your mantel piece! xx


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