Thursday Treats: It’s all Going Swimmingly


Photography: Shell De Mar Photography

Gareth came home from the gym on Monday with a bunch of flowers and the swimming pool timetable. A strange kind of romantic gesture you might think, but I’ve been saying recently how I used to really love swimming (I even swam in the sea in Greece!) and I wish I was making the effort to do more of it.

So on Wednesday, when he went off to the gym (as he does three times a week – way to make me feel bad!) I packed my galaxy swimsuit and trotted off behind him. I’m not going to lie, I was nervous as hell. Those stupid little voices about how I look in a swimsuit wouldn’t give over.

But I did it.

And I’m super proud of myself.

I also felt great afterwards. As someone who usually avoids exercise at all costs, I was genuinely surprised how good my body felt after. My plan is to swim once a week (at least to begin with) so fingers crossed I can keep it up! Thank you husband for pushing me to get off my computer, to banish my insecurities and to jump in the pool again.

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  1. Bran

    Well done lovely. I remember thinking the same as you but quickly realised everyone else in the pool is either face down in the water concentrating on their breathing or dealing with their own ‘does my bum look big in this swimsuit’ insecurities. Knock ’em dead. I bet they were all thinking, “I wish I looked as shit hot as she does” or “where did she get that incredible swimsuit?” xx

  2. Thanks Kat! This week has been an especially long one so I’m going to settle down with a big mug of tea and a muffin to enjoy my fav post of the week – Thursday Treats. x

  3. Post author

    HAHA thanks Bran! The old ladies did give me some looks… i think it might have been more about the pink hair and tattoos than the size of my tummy though!

  4. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” (Neale Donald Walsch) …. and in this case – once we realize that exercise is so much fun and not a torture we begin to crave it more and more. 🙂 At least I do – well the story is quite long but the point is that I found myself in crossfit and got really hooked up, doing it over a year and can’t get enough, happy to be in my crossfit box for every training which is few times per week and it feels great! So good luck with your swimming! 🙂 It’s good to start something than only thinking about it. Do what makes you happy, get some exercise and your body and soul will thank you in the long run! Plus it will influence many other areas of your life in the positive way. ,-)xx

  5. Terri Cheshire

    Swimming is super good for you. Even with going once a week you will notice a change in your body. It is great for all over body exercise. I have started to get a little competitive with myself, doing more and more. You might get the bug! x


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