Salvador Dali Inspired Surrealist Wedding: Demi & Steven


Between them, Demi and Steven have degrees is art history, psychology and education so they wanted their wedding to reflect these passions. Initially they thought about having a pop art inspired day as the bride loves Andy Warhol but they then decided they actually wanted something slightly vintage and with an old Hollywood feel. “It seemed only natural that we have a surrealist inspired wedding as we are fascinated by the subconscious and bizarre”, wrote Demi. “Surrealism is about desire, frenzy, and unconscious drives. This seemed very appropriate to our relationship. I also like the irony of the intense misogyny of surrealism mingled with the fact that a woman planned everything.”


“The individual process of selecting items for the centerpieces was a labor of love”, she explained. “While I knew the average person doesn’t have the depth of knowledge about surrealism that some might, I wanted to make it interesting and fun. My aunt and I worked a lot on spray painting every thing white. I remember looking down at my feet before the wedding and being proud of my paint splattered toes. It made me feel like I was back in art school creating something new and exciting.”


Other nods to surrealism included the officiant putting a cut out of an apple on a stick in front of his face while wearing a bowler hat to mimic Rene Magritte’s ‘Son of Man’ painting and their wedding tagline which was “My wish is that you may be loved to the point of madness”, a quote from Andre Breton, the French writer and poet known as the founder of surrealism.


“I have never been the type of person that had her wedding planned out”, the bride continued. “If you asked me a few years ago what type of wedding I wanted to have, I probably would have just shrugged my shoulders. When we decided to get married, I did not want a traditional church and veil wedding. I knew when I did get married, I wanted it to be a work of art – something unique and off the charts with creativity. ”


“The lack of flowers was extremely unique and very cost effective. The ostrich feathers added flair and the over all monochromatic scheme of the table was clean and eye catching. Everything was completely white on the tables where our guests sat. The sweetheart table where we sat at was all black and instead of having a surrealist artist, it was the ‘Freud Table’.”

We wanted to put on a show that our love was like a priceless and complex piece of art”, she concluded. “A canvas that we work on constantly and mingle the colors of our lives together.”




  1. This wedding is so stylish, I love the idea of spraying everything white. It looks classy without being precious. I had the same flowers at my wedding, love them too

  2. This ROCKS! Such creativity…and their photographer is FANTASTIC, I would know…she shot my wedding too 😉 Love Dana Grant Photography! This wedding is Wicked Cool!

  3. I can’t believe how creative this wedding décor is. Salavador Dali is my favorite artist and I have never even considered incorporating his work into a wedding. This is truly outstanding!

  4. Sharlane Herman

    This wedding was a labor of love. The bride and groom had a great, creative vision that perpetuated their surrealism theme forward. With the assistance of a wonderful supporting cast of vendors, the affair was a blast! Special thanks to the expertise of awesome Dana Grant and assistant of Dana Grant Photography, Timery and Pam of Cinderella Bakery, Al of Patina Catering, Kim of Couture Flowers, Bowers Museum, Snap Yourself, & Dona H. our wonderful Assist. Wedding Coordinator. Kat, thanks so much for sharing the event with your readers!!

  5. Great job Dana… Love Dali…. And the other artist that where incorporated like man ray and magritte…. Keep it going

  6. Charlotte Cloud

    Oh my goodness… This is eye wateringly amazing. Such a great idea and such beautiful details! Congrats to this couple for being so fab 🙂


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