Pirate Wedding & The Miss Havisham Wedding Dress: Tim & Lisa

0303Lisa and Tims Pirate Theme Wedding Paul Willetts Photography

Back in March 2012, I was asked to speak at The Photography Farm, a wedding photography workshop hosted by the amazing Lisa Devlin. At each 3-day workshop we also include an epic styled shoot for the students to practice their new-found skills. For this particular class we decided to go for a spooky modern Miss Havisham theme and the incredible Jo of The Couture Company offered to make us a bespoke dress to fit the theme.

0357Lisa and Tims Pirate Theme Wedding Paul Willetts Photography

When I first laid eyes on that gown I was smitten. It was the perfect mix of classic bridal – giant tulle, multi-layered skirt and corseted top, with a massive injection of spooky, gothic cool. As amazingly perfect as the dress was for the shoot, it never even crossed my mind that a real life bride might then go on to buy it for her actual wedding. So when Jo sent me the photos of Tim & Lisa’s Pirate wedding, complete with the Miss Havisham dress, I was so flipping excited. I mean, how amazing does Lisa look?!

0481Lisa and Tims Pirate Theme Wedding Paul Willetts Photography

The wedding was held at Fazeley Studios, Birmingham. “We have a slight obsession with pirates and as we met on a photography course we tried to combine the two into a vintage/ pirate theme,” she began. “Tim’s obsession with pirates is something that I have definitely taken on since knowing him and it was reflected in my dress which had the feel of Elizabeth Swan’s in Pirates of the Caribbean. Everyone was amazed by the dress and said they had never seen anything like it. Tim’s reaction was the best. He was stunned and shocked and he said I was his pirate princess. Even when we went out to have our photos taken outside, random people came up to say how beautiful I was and to compliment the dress.”

0525Lisa and Tims Pirate Theme Wedding Paul Willetts Photography

“We also had a fun pirate themed photo booth,” she continued. “People said they had never been asked to dress up with pirate props at a wedding before but the fun they had was reflected in the photos for our guest book. The DIY table decorations with the books and cameras was our personal touch and finished off our unique look of the wedding.”

0526Lisa and Tims Pirate Theme Wedding Paul Willetts Photography



  1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! So excited to see Lisa’s wedding, she totally rocks that dress, and she was such a cool bride!! I love doing creative projects and its even better when people get what we do and want something similar
    Thanks SOOOOOOOO much for featuring them Kat, and for getting us involved in the Miss Havisham project in the beginning xxx

  2. Jadey Alexandra (Lexy)

    I can’t speak enough about how this day rocked every wedding I’ve ever been too. To of been a bridesmaid for my best friends day was the biggest magical honour.. A truly inspiring day for two truly inspiring people the perfect couple the perfect dress the perfect pirate styled wedding, fate played every card right in this beautiful hand!
    Xxxxxxxxxx Love u guys!!


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