Thursday Treats: Greetings from Austin!


I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop on South Congress in Austin with Gala. Its 10.30am and already nearly 30 degrees. Yowser!

I arrived last night and after 18 hours of travel I was fit for nothing more than a quick taco run (delicious!) and a long, restful snooze. Today we’re exploring the local area, eating as much as we can and getting ready for The Blogcademy, this weekend. I can’t wait!

Weddings & Weddingy Things

Typographic cake table
Fun trash the dress shoot!
Moving Aussie beach wedding
10 secrets of highly successful marriages
Wildflower wedding ideas


Photography: Todd White Photography

Totally gorgeous and intimate elopement
Reddit marriage proposal
Boho woodland wedding
Splashtastic casual canoe wedding

Best of the Rest

Gala introduced radical self love letters. I’ve been loving getting these little notes of joy in my inbox all week – and you can too!
If corporate logos were honest
♥ This Lego wall is amazing!
61 hilariously funny Jennifer Lawrence quotes that will make your day
♥ My parents treat me like a child
♥ I think my house needs more mirrors…
♥ 15 reasons why The Craft and Mean Girls are basically the same movie
♥ 10 simple things you can do that will make you happier, backed up by science

♥ Damn this is amazing! A time lapse video made up of over 50k photos taken over six months in Midtown, New York…

♥ Looks aren’t everything. Believe me. I’m a model


  1. Eek! You linked to my wedding (moving Aussie beach wedding)! Thanks Kat!

    See you at the Brissy blogcademy 🙂 x

  2. So great to see you in my city! I see you found Hey Cupcake and Jo’s Coffee! If you want the best cupcakes, head over to a little cupcake shop called Delish on W. 3rd. My ideal Austin food day would be…breakfast at Kirby Lane Cafe, Lunch at Counter Cafe, Hut’s or Hopdoddy’s (I can’t choose), a cupcake at Delish, and dinner at Chuy’s or HomeSlice.
    I love my city. I wanted to share my favorite food joints on one of your last post but I forgot. My other local favs are The Alamo Drafthouse, Parts & Labour, Austin Art Garage and the Cathedral of Junk. I can’t wait to see where you go!


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