Thursday Treats: I’m Rubbish at Keeping Secrets

Crown & Glory Rock n Roll Bride Collection 149

Photography: Devlin Photos

I’m not a blabber mouth or in anyway malicious about it, but I’m not really the best girl to call up if you have a piece of seriously juicy gossip that can’t go any further. I literally can’t keep those kinds of things myself…! So as you can imagine, it’s been really bloody difficult to keep this latest project a secret from you all. I have been literally bursting to tell you what I’ve been up to.

But – hurrah! – the time is nearly here to let the cat completely out of the bag. On Monday morning I’ll be sharing what I’ve been plotting, planning and designing (!!) as well as letting you know how you can get your mitts on them. The photo above will probably give you a big stinking clue though. OMG I’m soooo excited to finally show you. EEEEK!

Weddings & Weddingy Things

♥ Totally obsessed with the wedding day portraits of Emma from A Beautiful Mess
Let them eat donuts… yes please!
Railroad museum wedding
Adorable summer camp wedding
Colourful glitter unicorn wedding (& part two) – WHAAAT!?! THIS WEDDING WINS EVERYTHING.


Photography: Kelly Braman Photography

12 things wedding photographers want to tell you, but can’t
I wish I was this cool (me too!)
Camping wedding
♥ Around the world in 50 weddings
Free People inspired wedding shoot


Photography: Danielle Capito Photography

Best of the Rest

The Pixar theory is pretty rad
♥ Wanna know how to score a free seat to The Blogcademy?
♥ What if gay was straight and straight was gay? (This is extremely powerful viewing, be sure to watch to the end)


  1. Don’t buy this people, Kat conspired against me with my husband successfully for MONTHS.

    Can’t wait to see on Monday. xx

  2. Post author

    HAHAHA Veronica at first I was like “WHAAT? I did what!?” and then I remembered that he bought you a secret ticket to the blogcademy! haha OK OMG that wins everything that was THE hardest thing ever to keep shh (although to be fair I did tell about 20 other people..)

  3. Post author

    I hope ya’ll not disappointed. I kind dont think you will be if I say so myself.. it’s pretty awesome.

  4. I’m excited for your…line of animal-ear headbands made of paper roses? They look gorgeous. 😀

    Also, I am so in love with at pink ombre dress. And the giant tulle headpiece! *dies*


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