Budget-Friendly Victorian Gothic Wedding

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July 10, 2015

Victorian Gothic wedding (34)

Brandi and Chris’ wedding had a Victorian gothic theme, to reflect the bride’s gothic tendencies!  “We drew inspiration from the Victorian era”, she said. “Chris has a love of aviation which we celebrated through our venue choice, Royal Canadian Air Force Officers Mess.”

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“The most significant story of our wedding is that our officiant didn’t show up!” she continued. “Once the time of the ceremony came and he wasn’t there, four people got on their phones calling everywhere for an emergency officiant. While I patiently waited in the limo (and popped the champagne early) Chris was the one who found someone first, and our replacement arrived 20 mins later. Flustered as we were, our ceremony began an hour later then scheduled. Because of the delay we couldn’t get to our planned photo location, the National Art Gallery, but a big receiving door next to the venue did the trick. We plan on re-doing our photos in the original location for our first anniversary.”

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The bride made her own incredible dress, which she wore with Iron Fist shoes and a homemade feather hair clip. “Almost all the wedding DIY”, she explained. “I made my dress and all the flowers. My maid of honour designed and printed all of the table numbers, programs, seating chart, and favour tags. My other bridesmaid designed our invitations, did our hair and made our cake topper from clay!”

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The total budget for their wedding was $5000. “I only spent $350 on the fabric for my dress, and I have lots left over! I couldn’t even fathom spending over $1000 on something I could make myself. The same goes for our flowers. Instead of spending hundreds on flowers, all of the fabric I used were scraps from other projects, and all the bottles were collected from friends and family for free. I only paid $15 for the rocks used in the bottles and maybe $20 on hot glue.”

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