Rock n Rapunzel Inspiration Shoot

SLR Photography

June 22, 2013

Rapunzel - 101

Today is an exciting day because it’s time for the New York Blogcademy! I can’t wait to meet the new crop of enthusiastic bloggers who come to the class. It’s always one of my favourite moments of the whole weekend and to celebrate, I wanted to share this awesomely creative shoot submitted by wedding planner and stylish Georgina of Ruby Weddings. Georgina came to the workshop in London in January and I’m so thrilled to share her work with you guys today, what a talented bunch of babes our students are!

Rapunzel - 041

“Photographer Shannon of SLR Photography and I wanted to create a series of inspirational bridal shoots for couples looking to do something different for their wedding day”, Georgina writes. “We want to encourage them to think outside of the box. Shannon loves Disney films so we decided to re-create the popular fairytale stories with a little twist. We imagined Rapunzel as a kick ass girl trying to escape from her tower, and when she does finally break free she marries the man of her dreams – a little corny but that is how all of the best fairytales end!”

Rapunzel - 227

“For the styling I wanted to avoid the ‘vintage’ trend and I took my inspiration from the old fairytale books and went with a theme of plaits. There were plaits everywhere; on the chairs, wrapped around old books and also creating a hanging backdrop for wedding table. The flowers and naked cake were very natural with a slight edge and could easily be used by brides in a country garden wedding. I handmade the favours, place names and all of the plaits so any bride who is DIYing their wedding could do the same – just make sure you allow enough time!”

Rapunzel - 222

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to seeing the Little Mermaid one the most! That was always a favourite of mine…