Thursdays Treats: Costco Trips & Nipple Slips

May 23, 2013

brooke davisPhotography: Brooke Davis (amazing!)

OK not really… but it rhymed and made me laugh! Oh Christ, I need to get out more. Actually it’s a sad, sad state of affairs when the highlight of your week is going to Costco with your Mother. But I’ve never been before and that kind of stuff generally excites me. Pacing up and down the aisles wondering who on earth would ever need to buy 12 packets of spaghetti or 72 loo rolls… and where do those people store it all?!

This week has just been a bit dull though. Everything I needed to do really just required me to be glued to my computer… writing, rewriting, organising, compiling… all that fun stuff. So I’ve got nothing too thrilling to report today although I did buy enough green juice to hydrate an army at Costco and apparently I’m going to be quoted in the Daily Mail’s You Magazine on Sunday. I must remember to leave my hovel to go and pick up a copy…

Note to self: Must try harder to keep up the pretence that being a blogger is an exciting and glamorous life. Hum, maybe next week…

Weddings & Weddingy Things

♥ Geometrics are big right now and I totally love this styled shoot based on the concept
♥ (Related) make your own geometric table runner
Intimate Melbourne wedding
♥ This orthodox Jewish wedding had 25,000 guests! (and you thought your guest list was getting out of control…)
♥ This book table numbers tutorial is super rad!
Casual wedding by a pond

pond weddingPhotography: Yannick Schön for Paul Liebt Paula

♥ The un-simple reality of a ‘simple’ DIY wedding – this is definitely food for thought!
♥ Beautiful Tokyo bride
Clean and simple wedding inspo
Modern Pretoria wedding
Stunning Smuggler’s Cove wedding
♥ Adore this colourful Vietnamese tea ceremony

tea ceremony weddingPhotography: Miki Photography

Best of the Rest

♥ Photos of the variety of characters you’re likely to run into at McDonald’s
What to order at a bad bar
♥ This is surprising awesome – get these guys on Dragon’s Den!
♥ Check out The Original Unicorn Company… how am I only just hearing about this now?
♥ I really enjoyed reading about Susie’s favourite N7 spots and of course fawning over her fabulous wardrobe!
♥ This piece, Anorexia was my problem but it’s also yours, totally tugged at my heartstrings. Beautifully written too.